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College Introduction

The College of Automation at HEU has a very long history. Initially a subdivision of the Inertial Navigation and Ship Electrical Equipment Department of Harbin Military Engineering Institute in 1953, the college of Automation later became its own department. In 1970, it developed into the Department of Automatic Control, which consisted of Warships Electrical Equipment, Warships Inertial Navigation and Naval Gun Design and Manufacturing Department. The College of Automation was formally established in 1998. It is a training base with powerful teaching and scientific research strength.

The College of Automation now has 6 Ph.D. programs, 16 master degree programs and 5 undergraduate majors. It has two post-doctoral research stations, which are Control Science and Engineering, and Instrument Science and Technology. Navigation, Guidance and Control is one of the national key disciplines and national defense key disciplines. Control Theory and Engineering and Navigation along with Guidance and Control are key construction disciplines of the national "211 project". The Automation Science discipline group is one of the provincial key construction disciplines groups and Control Science and Engineering is one of the provincial key construction disciplines.

During the "11th Five-year" plan, the College of Automation obtained more than 300 scientific projects, including the national defense "973" project, the national "863" project, the international cooperation project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the fundamental national defense research, and the military advanced-research and the provincial funds. The research fund reaches a total of 420 million RMB. The College of Automation has received 3 national science and technology awards, 14 provincial awards, 131 invention patents. More than 1600 academic papers and 20 academic monographs have been published.

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