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Shipbuilding Engineering


In the field of scientific research, the faculty mainly emphasizes investigations, design and development of advanced, high-performance vehicles, and marine structures. As the result of the faculty's diligent efforts, their research has made great progress in the areas of hydrodynamics and structural mechanics of ships, such as resistance, propulsion, maneuverability, sea-keeping, wave loading, and strengths and weaknesses of naval and offshore engineering structures. Numerous research activities have been profoundly acknowledged at a national level, and some of the research work, due to its advanced level, has also gained international recognition.

The College enjoys fame resulting in its research in the hydrodynamics of advanced high performance vessels, multihull ship technology, ship stabilization technique, high efficiency propulsion and deep water engineering, ocean energy utilization, energy saving technology, under-water robotics technology, ship design, submersible design technology, ship wave loading, and structural hydro-elasticity theory and experiments.

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