YAN Zheping and Sun Dajun Selected National Millions of Talents Project


Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced the list of 2017 National Millions of Talents selections. Professor YAN Zheping and Professor Sun Dajun were selected for the Project and were awarded the honorary title of Outstanding Young Experts with Contributions.

Millions of Talents Project is based on the needs of national science and technology development planning and economic and social development. It is a major initiative aiming at strengthening China's cross-century outstanding young talents training. It aims to cultivate hundreds of the world's outstanding scientists with cutting-edge science and technology, engineering, technical experts as well as theorists. Additionally, it seeks to  cultivate thousands of domestic leaders, with high academic skills in various disciplines and technical fields and to cultivate millions of outstanding young talents with development potential who serve as a backbone in various disciplines.

At present, HEU has seven experts selected for the Millions of Talents Project.



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