HEU Hosts Large-Scale Winter Double-Selection Employment Meeting for Northeastern Five Universities 2018 Graduates

On November 27 and 28, 2018, graduates of the Northeastern Five Universities Double-selection Employment meeting was held at HEU. XIA Guihua, the deputy party secretary, came to the meeting and talked cordially with graduates about employment.


At this double-selection meeting, there were 400 well-known enterprises and institutions in attendance, such as CSIC, CSSC and aviation industry.  Among them were 19 universities and colleges, 14 research institutes, 135 state-owned enterprises and 127 private-owned enterprises. There were four local people's and social departments from Guangzhou, Foshan Shunde, Binzhou and Wuhu. The meeting provided thousands of job posts for students, and it attracted graduates attending the meeting from colleges and universities.

There were high-level, diversified positions at the meeting, so 2018 graduates had sufficient and high-quality employment opportunities. Most of the positions held at this double-selection meeting were geared toward graduates majoring in engineering, and employers are still longing for large-scale state-owned enterprises, institutions, scientific research institutes and colleges and universities. Thus, these popular units in the recruitment process put more emphasis on student academic performance.


In total, our school has held nearly 1,000 meetings of all sizes on campus for 2018 graduates, and more than 2,000 recruitment units have come to our school.

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