HEU and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Sign a Cooperation Agreement on Personnel Training


On December 8, 2018, LI Chu, the deputy director of Human Resources Department of China State Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, visited our school for research and signed a cooperation agreement with our school on personnel training. The two sides reached a consensus on scientific and technological research and development and industrialization cooperation as well as school-enterprise personnel training. XIA Guihua, HEU's deputy party secretary, attended the signing ceremony.


XIA Guihua welcomed the arrival of LI Chu and his party. He said that HEU will use scientific research as a carrier, considering people as the foundation, to continuously push forward the strategic cooperation between the two sides in developing the marine economy and build a maritime power nation. Thus, HEU will train more senior technical and management personnel who have a broad vision, strong foundation, strong capability,  and are reliable.


In his speech, LI Chu praised the quality of the school's personnel training. He said Harbin Engineering University has delivered a large number of outstanding talents to the group over the years, which has strongly supported the group's rapid development. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement for the training of school-enterprise personnel. Additionally, the school and the group developed a cooperative agreement involving luxury cruise ships, setting up CSSC Scholarships, China Shipbuilding Club, and other projects.


Both sides unveiled for CSSC Club and Internship Practice Base. CHEN Fei, deputy party secretary of the Party Committee of China Shipbuilding Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, issued a letter of appointment for the student leader of CSSC. The club is in the process of exploring new methods of training with strong cooperation between school-based personnel and talents, aiming to attract more students who are interested in the culture and technology of the shipbuilding industry and the CSSC Group, and who are willing to join the CSSC Group and the military industry.


According to the cooperation agreement of school-enterprise talents training, both parties will guide excellent graduates to join the shipbuilding industry through various forms of cooperation based on the principle of building a platform, creating conditions, serving students and achieving win-win results. Both sides will carry out new types of cooperation that will lead excellent graduates toward a devotion to shipbuilding and exploring new types of development. Thus, this cooperation can meet industry personnel training development needs, and help with selecting and hiring and other areas of integration. This will eventually lead to a model of cooperation between schools and enterprises personnel training.


The CSSC Scholarship invests 200,000 yuan every year to reward 20 CSSC Students whose subjects are related to marine engineering, electrical engineering, power engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science engineering, information and communications engineering, or computer science and technology.


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