HEU Participated in the 4th International "Ice Mechanics" Winter Camp at Far Eastern Federal University

The 4th International "Ice Mechanics" Winter Camp was held at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok, Russia. HEU's delegation participated, which is composed of over 30 teachers and students from the College of Shipbuilding Engineering and the College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering.

The Winter Camp is hosted by the FEFU and supported by the ARCH International Research and Education Center of the School of Engineering. There were more than 100 teachers and students participating from 5 countries including China, Japan and South Korea. The aim is to promote the development of offshore resources in the Arctic and the Far East by providing polar development organizations with a platform for information exchange, and an access to research achievements and hot spots of the sea ice projects.

During the event, teachers and students watched the film of "Ice Mechanics Winter Course". attended lectures such as "Studying the Ice of Kara Sea" and "Design Principles of the Submarine Pipeline of Ice Field" and also carried out experiments on ice. The students said, "During the Camp, we've learned about the usage of instruments including large sea ice icicle collection machines, incised cylinder grooving machines, ice temperature testers, manual ice cutters, and icicle pressure gauges. HEU's delegation learned about theunderstanding of the method of depicting single ice crystal structure and the measurement of ice layer heterogeneity in certain sea areas. The delegation learned more about Russian ice scientific research system and also improved our foreign language ability and field experiments adaptability."


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