HEU Delegation Visits Russian Universities on Invitation

From February 5th to 9th, Assistant to the President YAN Rujian led HEU's delegation to St. Petersburg, Russia at the invitation of the State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg (SMTU) and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) with the purpose of cooperation and negotiation on talent cultivation, faculty member training, construction of joint laboratory, and furthering technological achievements.

Yan and the HEU delegation communicated deeply with Vice Rector for International Affairs Kirill·V.ROZHDESTVENSKY, Vice Rector for Scientific Work Nikushchenko Dmitry Vladimirovich, Dean of Department of Math and Faculty of Foreign Students Grigoryev-Golubev Vladimir Viktorovich and other experts and scholars in related fields to implement the concensus reached in their Shanghai meeting.Consensuses have been reached between both parties, which include promoting faculty member training in key areas of marine equipment and fluid mechanics, shipbuilding and polar engineering, modern laser and welding, establishing an international joint laboratory around the multi-domain, cross-media robotics, and carry out BRICS undergraduate innovation competition under the frame of ICNAME.

YAN and the HEU delegation visited the Ship Automation Design System Institute, the Laser and Welding Laboratory, and Basic Teaching and Research Section for Fluid Aerodynamics, which has been constructed jointly by SMTU and Russia's National Key Research Institute. The Laser and Welding Laboratory, directed by Rector Turichin is jointly built by SMTU and SPbPU

During the visit toSPbPU, YAN and the HEU delegation introduced HEU's scientific research and the major development directions in the 13th Five-Year Plan to Vice Rector for International Relations Dmitry Germanovich Arseniev, Director of International Relations OfficeKhizhnyak Vladimir Dmitrievich, and Director of the Institute of International Education [Alla Mazina]. Both parties aimed to develop scientific research cooperation in the field of fluid physics 3D system, ship navigation, and information communication system, while also reached initial agreements on the transformation of mature technological achievements. HEU’s delegation visited the mathematical modeling and intelligent control systems laboratory of SPbPU.

YAN and the HEU delegation also had a tour around the Institute of Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications and listened to Director Sergey BorisovichMakarov introduce the institute’s research in telecommunications systems and equipment, semiconductor physics and nanotechnology, controlled thermonuclear fusion, integrated low temperature identification. Both parties made a preliminary consensus on developing joint experiment of polar communication. Besides, the HEU delegation visited related laboratories in the company of Director Sergey BorisovichMakarov.

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