Northern Arctic Russia Federal University Vice President visits HEU

        On January 11th, Natalya V.Niculina, Vice President of Northern Arctic Russia Federal University (NARFU), and Mark L. Ivlev, director of the Institute of Polar Engineering of NARFU visited HEU to meet HEU Vice President HAN Duanfeng.


        Vice President HAN introduced Niculina to HEU and the two discussed the development of scientific research in the Polar Regions and cooperation with Russia. Vice President Niculina introduced the history, specialties and characteristics of Northern Arctic Russia Federal University, and explained the purpose of their visit. The two sides see the meeting as an opportunity to strengthen mutual communication and to search for cooperation in the fields related to the ship design and the Polar Regions.


        Northern Arctic Russia Federal University was established in 2010 based at Arkhangelsk National Technical University. It is an independent higher vocational education institution which major specialties are forestry and shipbuilding, of which the shipbuilding major is located in Severodvinsk Branch.

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