The Agreement of Jointly Building HEU by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and State Oceanic Administration is Signed

Recently, the Agreement of Jointly Building HEU by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and State Oceanic Administration has been formally signed, symbolizing the recognition of HEU's position in the shipbuilding industry, marine equipment, ocean exploration and nuclear application. This marks that HEU will serve on a higher and broader level for the major development and strategic demands for our country.

The signing of this Agreement is another significant achievement of gaining school-run resources and forging the support for joint building after the signing of the agreement of Jointly Building HEU by Four Parties in 2007. It is an important mark of further deepening the development of HEU's advantageous field, that is, naval architecture and ocean engineering.  This will inject great vigor and vitality into the process of conducting the construction plan of the"Double-First Class" initiative. It also embodies the achievement of the school's Party Committee who has been insisting on the characteristic development methodology and improving the quality and level of running the school.

According to the Agreement, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will support HEU's active docking with national oceanic development strategies, promote military-civil integration, continue to increase funding for school construction, and support the construction of the "Double-First Class"initiative. The Ministry will help HEU enhance the construction capabilities of various scientific research platforms and conditions in related fields and support HEU's participation in the construction of national laboratories in ocean development. The State Oceanic Administration will step up efforts to support the development of disciplines related to ocean, support high-level talent cultivation and research cooperation between the organizations affiliated with the Administration and HEU, fully support HEU to get involved in national major special projects in the ocean field, and support HEU to carry out marine economy industry and related research.

Meanwhile, the Agreement indicates that HEU shall seize the opportunity of the "Double-First Class"initiative to actively join in the integration of informationization and industrialization, the military-civil integration, the strategy of building a marine power and related major demands. HEU shall fully use the successful experiences that the school provides in technological support to related industries by the advantages of its complete discipline systems to cultivate first-class talents and produce first-class outcomes for the fields of shipbuilding and marine development. HEU will actively participate in varieties of major programs and projects in ocean science and engineering and different research missions in marine economy, marine environmental security, marine management, marine planning, marine laws and regulations and other aspects. Technological support and consultation services shall also be provided for marine administrations by the school. HEU will cooperate with organizations affiliated to the State Oceanic Administration to develop the construction of a talent team. HEU will use its advantages and resources to strengthen the publicity of marine culture education and make positive contributions to improve the awareness of the ocean of the entire social communities.


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