Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee WANG Weizhong met with HEU delegation

On March 2, 2018, the secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee WANG Weizhong met with the HEU Board Chairman GU Huanmin, President YAO Yu, Vice President ZHANG Zhijian and Academician YANG Desen. On February 28, the establishment meeting of the first session of the academic committee of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Industry and Information of marine information acquisition and safety, and the first session of Shenzhen ocean information technology and equipment Summit Forum was held.

During the meeting, Board Chairman GU introduced the history, characteristics and advantages, talents and personnel, and the industry status of HEU. He also introduced the supporting attitude from national ministries and departments to HEU’s pursuit in developing by leaps and bounds, and making breakthroughs along the sea.

President YAO introduced HEU's development of their ideas in establishing the Institute of Oceanography in Shenzhen, and making full use of HEU's characteristics and advantages to support and offer service to the construction of Shenzhen as a global ocean center city. He pointed out that using the development the"innovation+industry chain"mode to establish a national high-end innovation platform.  He focused on studying and researching marine information technology and equipment and the Marine Intelligence System.  He spoke of support for building on the fundamental research capacity and the establishment of the Global Demonstration Center for the transformation of marine science and technology achievements, which will support the cultivation of the emerging industry of marine science and technology, and the future industry in the field of marine engineering in Shenzhen. There is great potential in the establishment of the HEU institute, which will bring development to marine science and equipment, and can be well combined with the developed industrial advantages of the electronic industry in Shenzhen.

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Secretary WANG had a friendly exchange with the school officials and the Academician, and gave a thorough discourse on the combination of HEU's advantages and the development of Shenzhen. He expressed his welcome to the establishment of HEU's research institute in Shenzhen, and expected earnestly that the institute will have innovative operating mechanisms and will bring together international talents.

As a famous expert in the field of underwater acoustic engineering in China, one of the pioneers of the theory and application of underwater vector acoustics, academician YANG Desen will take the directorship of the academic committee. LIU Yongcai, an expert in flying technology and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and LI Jiabiao, an expert in Marine Geology and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering will take deputy directorship. Weapons science and technology and Underwater Unmanned navigation technologist, academician XU Demin, ship dynamic expert, academician ZHANG Jinlin, underwater weapon expert, academician DONG Chunpeng, pioneer in the field of military information fusion in China, academician HE You, Warship weapon system and application engineering expert, academician QIU Zhiming, expert on submarine noise reduction, academician HE Lin, and chief technical experts of CSIC, researcher SUN Guangsu and WU Chongjian, sonar engineering expert, researcher LIU Qingyu, experts of underwater acoustics, researcher ZHOU Lisheng and HUANGPU Li, marine technology expert, researcher ZHANG Jie, vice president of ZTE, doctor MENG Biao, underwater acoustic expert, professor LIANG Guolong, Yangtze River Scholar and director of Key Laboratory, professor YIN Jinwei will all be members of the committee. HEU professor Qiaogang will become Secretary General of the academic committee. Vice President ZHANG and Academician YANG hosted the meeting.

President YAO presented letters of appointment to all members and delivered a speech. He pointed out that the formation of the Key Laboratory Academic Committee will give full play to the wisdom of the experts and academicians.  He gave important strategic significance to the promotion of innovative ability and international competitiveness, the occupation of maritime information right, and the promotion of high-level talents cultivation. HEU hopes that brand new thoughts on discipline construction, talents training, scientific research and international communication can be delivered through the committee. Meanwhile, as pointed out by President YAO, the Key Lab will devote itself to the construction of the Shenzhen ocean development think tank platform based on Shenzhen's unique marine resources and technological innovation advantages.  They will focus on plotting the layout of Shenzhen's development strategy and ensuring the strategic leading position of Shenzhen in the national marine science and technology industry. President YAO stressed that the meeting acts like a milestone to the construction of HEU's Institute of Oceanography in Shenzhen. HEU will give full support to the construction of the key laboratory with relevant resources, and he hoped that under the direction of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, both sides could fasten the cooperation and achieve the win-win situation.

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