Establishment of Alumni Sponsored Dingniu Student Foundation

On March 9th, the donation ceremony of the Harbin Xuetai Education and Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Xuetai Co.Ltd.) to the Education Development Foundation of HEU was held in the main building. Three alumni, YANG Chunbo, CHEN Jie, and LV Shaoping, donated 500,000 yuan to HEU to establish the Dingniu Student Foundation. This foundaiton aims to help students from poverty-stricken families and support students’ entrepreneurship. ZHANG Zhijian, Vice President and Standing Vice Chairman of the Education Development Foundation of HEU, attended the donation ceremony. YANG Chunbo (HEU, 2011),  now is the General Manager of the Xuetai Co.Ltd.; CHEN Jie, (HEU, 2012), is the Technical Director of the Xuetai Co.Ltd.; and LV Shaoping, (MA, HEU, 2014), is the Teaching Director of the Xuetai Co.Ltd.

YANG Chunbo briefly introduced his experience of entrepreneurship and the development of his company. He pointed out that the success of his re-startup benefited from the good innovation and startup atmosphere of HEU and the guidance from his teachers and fellow students. He appreciated that HEU once gave him huge support and help during the early stage of startup. The Xuetai Co.Ltd., adhering to the spirit of PLA Military Engineering Institute, will always stick to the methodology of technology-driven education, forge its way to development and innovation, and give feedback to HEU and society as a whole. He sincerely wished HEU consistent and better development.

ZHANG Zhijian thanked the alumni on behalf of the school. He claimed that youth alumni who ventured on the arduous path of startup rarely succeed. He hoped that the team led by YANG could succeed even further through his innovative mind, persisting efforts, and harmonious working atmosphere. HEU will always care about the development and growth of youth alumni. ZHANG wished the Xuetai Co.Ltd. a bright prospect.

Both parties signed the Donation Agreement. ZHANG Zhijian presented the donation certificate and monument to YANG Chunbo.

Founded on May 27th, 2016, the Xuetai Co.Ltd dedicated itself into building a local leading enterprise in teaching and training in Heilongjiang Province. The core members of its team are all alumni who graduated from HEU within three years of each other. The company now possesses 8 independent application intellectual properties. Its main business field is live application providing general knowledge courses for primary and middle schools. The Xuetai Co.Ltd, leads different business modules, including the Dingniu Online Remedial Education Platform, the Dingniu Offline Chain School, the Tianshi Training Camp, and the Tianshi School.

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