Alumnus WANG Tian Elected One Of The 2017 Top Ten Entrepreneurial Heroes of College Students

Recently, the results of the 2017 College Students Entrepreneurial Heroes Campaign were announced. This campaign was sponsored by the Youth League Central School Department and the National Association of Student Affairs Secretariat and organized by the China Youth Daily and the KAB National Promotion Office. HEU’s 2004 alumnus, WANG Tian, was elected one of the 2017 top ten entrepreneurial heroes of College Students. WANG is the only winner from Heilongjiang colleges and universities, and the only one to have won this honor for two consecutive years.

The Searching for 2017 College Students Entrepreneurial Heroes Campaign aims to implement the national policy on innovation and entrepreneurship, serving college students in innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting college students to join in entrepreneurial practices, creating an innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere for college students, and selecting a group of innovative and entrepreneurial type people. The activity is for current college undergraduate entrepreneurs and undergraduate entrepreneurs who have graduated within the last three years. After the school's recommendation, a self-recommendation and a qualification review of the organizing committee, a total of 497student entrepreneurs from 253 universities entered the WeChat special session. Eventually, the top ten entrepreneurial heroes and the top 100 entrepreneurial heroes of 2017 College Students (including the top 10) were produced after taking public voting results, online review scores of hundreds of college entrepreneurial societies, and expert on-site assessments comprehensively into consideration.


WANG Tian, 2004 undergraduate student of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of HEU, entered HEU in 2008 to undertake MA and Ph.D post-graduate study. In 2012 he set up the Harbin Chengtian Technology Development Co., which has achieved success in the exoskeleton robot, special robot, machine 3D vision, robot replacements and many other fields. His company was identified as a high-tech enterprise in 2015. Its production value was 1.6 million and more than 50 people were employed in 2017. He has participated in many innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, winning more than 50 awards.He has published 16 papers in international and domestic journals, has 5 invention patents, 3 utility model patents and 13 transfer copyrights. WANG has won second prize for scientific and technological inventions in Heilongjiang Province, and the Heilongjiang University Science and Technology Progress Award. What’s more, WANG has won several honorary titles, including Heilongjiang Province's First Watching Dreams, Fighting For Youth College Students' Entrepreneurial Star, andthe Harbin University Student Innovatively and Entrepreneurially Advanced Individual .

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