WANG Chao Awarded The Title Of Tenth Annual College Counsellor of Heilongjiang Province

On April 3rd, the results of the Tenth Annual College Counsellor of Heilongjiang Province was announced. WANG Chao,a counsellor of HEU's College of Shipping, was awarded the title of Tenth Annual College Counsellor of Heilongjiang Province. He will be representing HEU in the selection of The Tenth Annual National College Counsellor.

The selection of this event is divided into bothinitial and final evaluations. In the initialevaluation, 31 anonymous counselors are selected from 54 universities to participate in the final review. After on-site demonstrations, defenses, and other links, a total of 10 college counselors and 10 nominations of the year will be selected.

WANG Chao has represented HEU to participate in the 3rd National Counselor Professional Competence Competition and has won second prize in the second division. In his work, he has always adhered to the concept of stick to one's beliefs, problem-orientation, and teaching in accordance with students'aptitude. He insists on combining ideological education with professional education, combining online and offline education, and integrating theory with practice. Among his students, there have emerged several outstanding ones that have won various awards. For example,the Entrants Award of China University Student Person of the Year, China University Student Self-Strengthening Star Nomination Award and the National Water Conservancy College Scientific Research Star Nomination Award.

In recent years, HEU's party committee has attached great importance to student work. HEU puts students'ideological and political education work first, adhering to the principle of educating people first and moral education first. While grasping laws, HEU focuses on innovation and keeps ideals and beliefs at the core, regarding ideological guidance as the heart of education. The staff here protects the students by building up their study styles and strives to build a sunny environment that promotes students’ all-round development, and cultivates conviction in the process. By doing this HEU will ensure the training of the qualified socialist builders with reliable success who have sound personality, a willingness to explore, and are honest and practical.

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