The Results of the Selection of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship Announced

A few days ago, the result of the 2017 "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship Award"was announced. HEU students received 3 special awards. HUANG Yulong, a doctoral student of the College of Automation, and ZHOU Zecai, an undergraduate of the College of Shipbuilding Engineering won the Innovation Special Scholarship. From the College of Automation SUN Xiangyu, teamed with Harbin Chengtian Technology Development Co., Ltd. won the Entrepreneurial Special Scholarship.


In order to motivate more students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurial activities, this year universities selected three teams for the first prize of the innovation and entrepreneurship scholarships to participate in the 2017 special scholarship review and at least one undergraduate was recommended for the final review. In principle, no more than 10 special awards for innovation and entrepreneurial scholarships are selected each year. In this selection, 28 teams and individuals from 7 universities and colleges affiliated with the MIIT participated in the final review, and 7 special prizes for innovation and 7 special prizes for entrepreneurship were selected.


The MIIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship was established by the MIIT in 2016 for seven subordinate college students. The annual bonus is 15 million yuan. The Scholarship is divided into two categories: the Innovation Scholarship and the Entrepreneurship Scholarship. The Innovation Scholarship is awarded to students who have achieved outstanding results in academic innovation, academic competitions, and scientific and technological inventions. The Entrepreneurship Scholarship is awarded to students who have performed outstandingly in self-employment and entrepreneurial practice. The Innovation Scholarship’s Special Prize is 60,000 with its First Prize 30,000, Second Prize 20,000 and Third Prize 10,000; Entrepreneurship Scholarship’s Special Prize is 100,000 with its First Prize 60,000, Second Prize 40,000.


A total of 560 students and teams have come to the fore in this selection. A total of 80 students and teams from HEU have won the award. A group of outstanding talents with a sense of social responsibility, innovation, entrepreneurship and practical ability have established the typical and exemplary role.

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