WANG Aiwen and his delegation visits HEU

On March 28th, WANG Aiwen, Member of the Standing Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of the CPC and Director-General of the Provincial Organization Department of the CPC, with his delegation, visited HEU. Their purpose was to investigate and research the situation of Party-building work, technological talent team construction, and technological achievement transformation. ZHANG Yilong, Deputy Director of the Provincial Organization Department of the CPC, SHEN Lin, Deputy Secretary of the College Working Committee of the Provincial Committee of the CPC, GU Huanmin, Secretary of the Party Committee of HEU, YAO Yu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of HEU and President of HEU, YANG Zhi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of HEU, YAO Limin, Secretary of Inspection Commission of HEU, YAN Rujian, Assistant to the President of HEU, accompanied the visit and attended the symposium.

WANG Aiwen and his delegation toured the PLA Military Institute Memorial to learn the history of HEU and visited the Nuclear Power Simulation Technology Research Center and the National Defense Science and Technology Key Laboratory for Underwater Acoustic Technology, where they listened to the introduction of the technological breakthrough achieved in nuclear power simulation and underwater acoustic areas, and the outcome of development and research in the prospect of related fields. WANG and his delegation held a symposium with leaders of HEU at the VIP meeting room of the Qihang Activity Center.

GU Huanmin firstly reported the Party-building work to WANG Aiwen and his delegation. GU claimed that the Party Committee of HEU has always made political construction its priority, has seriously studied and implemented XI Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC. The Party Committee of HEU has taken seriously maintaining the central authority and centralized leadership of the Central Committee of the CPC with Comrade XI Jinping as the core of the implementation of the principles of inner-Party political life. Not only that, but they have firmly established the "Four Consciousness", actively taken on the historical mission of "Four Service", and insisted on making the democratic centralism the basic principle of inner-Party political life. The Party Committee of HEU has also heartily carried out the Regulations on the Work of Grassroot Organizations in Colleges and Universities to strengthen the construction of Party organizations in colleges and departments, firmly established the consciousness that "doing well in party construction is the biggest achievement", and formed a working mechanism of "secretary teaching and reeducation". The Party Committee of HEU has strictly carried out Party Members Developing Detailed Rules, paid much attention to the original cultivation, has optimized Party member team structure, has innovated education carriers, revitalized education methods, and consistently improved the working quality of Party members development and education management.

YAO Yu reported on the working status of HEU's talent team construction and technological achievement transformation. YAO said that after over 60 years’ development and construction, Harbin Engineering University has formed featured characteristics of a school-run Shipbuilding Industry, Marine Equipment, Ocean Exploration and Nuclear Application, which serve the national strategic demands. In recent years, under the strong support of the Provincial Committee of the CPC and the Heilongjiang Provincial Government, HEU's development has met with national major demands, international technological front-edge, and domestic economical construction; HEU has fully used its regional advantage in high-latitude cold regions and multi-discipline talent-technology integrated advantages of Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering to enhance its exchange and cooperation with Russia, the Ukraine, Finland and other countries, positively carrying out polar equipment and technology research and thus making new achievements in scientific research of polar ship and marine equipment. YAO Yu pointed out that the proposal of the strategy of building our nation into a marine power is both an opportunity and also a challenge to HEU's development. HEU shall take root in the black earth of Heilongjiang, keep deepening mechanism and system reform, make efforts to contribute to the comprehensive economic revitalization of Heilongjiang Province by introducing, keeping, and developing talents.

ZHANG Shimei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Shipbuilding Engineering, and YANG Jian, Secretary of the Party Branch of the First Teaching Team in College English Teaching and Research Division of the Foreign Languages Department, separately reported on their working experience and achievements of grassroot Party construction. Other related staff from colleges, departments, and administrative offices also attended the symposium.

In his concluding address, WANG Aiwen said that the fearlessness in the face of hardship and vigorous study of the faculty and students of the PLA Military Institute is admirable. He also praised their courage and boldness in serving the nation and taking the lead. WANG hoped that HEU will continue to inherit and enrich the spirit of PLA Military Institute, develop its featured characteristics of school-run programs, cultivate an army of leading talents for related industries, and contribute effective strength to the soaring economy of Heilongjiang Province. WANG Aiwen expressed that HEU's Party construction has a solid and deep foundation and forms a learning-worthy experience in Party member team construction and ideological and political education, which has also gained satisfying achievements. He emphasized that the New Era is the time of talent competition, and thus the stability of the talent team is the origin and power of development. Work relating to talents, to which much attention has been paid, is the most concerned matter of leaders in all-levels in the Provincial Committee of the CPC and the Provincial Government. HEU shall attach great importance to talent cultivation and deeply research and discuss this issue so as to assist its own reform and development and inject new vigor into the future of Heilongjiang Province.

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