Five HEU Projects on the Emerging Engineering Education’s First batch Projects Shortlist launched by the Education Department

Recently, the first shortlist of the  Emerging Engineering Education  research and practice project launched by the Education Department was announced, identifying 612 projects as the first batch of the project.  HEU's five lead projects have been approved.


Professor WU Linzhi is in charge of the project "Actively Adapting to and Leading the New Economy, Promoting the Reform and Practice of the Training Mode of Engineering Talents in Four Dimensions". Professor YAO Yu is in charge of  "Research on the Training Mode of 'EEE' High-level Talents under the National Strategy of Civil-military Integration". Professor LIU Zhihai is responsible for  "Exploration and Practice of the 'One-Nuclear Wings Third-Order' Model Experimental Course under the Guidance of 'EEE'. These three projects were selected into the comprehensive reform program of "EEE". The project "International Nuclear Engineering Education Research and Practice Facing "The Belt and Road" is in the charge of Professor ZHANG Zhijian and the project "Exploration and Practice of Personalized Personnel Training Model in Weapon Specialty Promoted by Curriculum System Construction and New Teaching Model"is in the charge of Professor ZHAO Lin. These two were chosen to be a part of the specialty reform program of EEE. In addition, the project "EEE" Construction of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Specialty and Its Research on Development of Talents Training Quality Standards"that the shipping institute participates in as the second participant was also approved as an EEE project.


The "EEE" research and practice project launched by the Education Department aims to respond to the challenges of a new round of technological revolution and industrial change. It also actively serves the National Innovation Driven Development Strategy and implementation of other major strategies such as "The Belt and Road", "Made in China 2025" and "Internet Plus". It will accelerate the reform and innovation of engineering education, cultivate and create a large number of excellent engineering talents with diversified and innovative characteristics, and support industrial transformation and upgrading. Since February 2017, the Education Department has actively promoted the construction of EEE and successively formed the "Fudan University Consensus", the "Tianjin University Action", and the "Beijing Guide". It is hoped these will fully explore the Chinese mode and experience of the engineering education ranking top in the world to boost strong country construction through higher education.

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