Project of Admitting Doctoral Students For The First Time Approved by HEU

In March of this year, HEU approved 25 special projects for the joint training of doctoral students. HEU, along with the Academy of Military Sciences, and the China National Nuclear Corporation will jointly train doctoral students in the disciplines of shipping, marine science, and nuclear science and technology. This pilot project began in 2010, and 985 colleges and universities have been a part since. Under the continuous efforts of our school, HEU was approved for this project for the first time in 2018 and has begun to organize recruitment.

The joint training project with the Academy of Military Sciences is comprised of several universities, including HEU, Tsinghua University, and Peking University, and others in a total of 60 special programs. This is the first time the Ministry of Education has put the military together with local universites to cooperatively train talents. It is also a major step in the military and civilian integration development strategy since implementation of the military reform. The Academy of Military Sciences is the military's highest research institute. It was organized by a number of units that partnered together in June 2017. President XI signed an order and issued a preface. It mainly focuses on research tasks in military strategy, cooperative operations, and national defense science and technology, not to mention, military research, military science and technology, military engineering, and other research fields. The number of high-level talents and the scientific influence of scientific research teams rank among the top in the military and even in the country.

HEU has been approved to conduct five special projects in the joint training project with the China National Nuclear Corporation. The China National Nuclear Corporation, as the main body of the national nuclear science and technology industry, has a complete nuclear technology industrial system and is the core of the national strategic nuclear force of the country. The main force of nuclear power development and construction is the birthplace of China's nuclear science and technology and is an innovative base for national nuclear science research, nuclear energy research. On top of that, the China National Nuclear Corporationand has made important contributions to the development of China's "atomic bomb,hydrogen bomb, and nuclear-powered submarine"as well as  national defense construction.

HEU recently has organized a mobilization meeting for the joint training of doctoral students program. Vice President WU Linzhi, along with more than 20 doctoral supervisors attended the meeting.

WU Linzhi pointed out in his speech that the joint training of doctoral students with scientific research institutions is of pioneering significance to the future development of our school. WU encouraged the backbone of scientific research and high-level talents of HEU, upon graduation, to leave the school with a mind of actively expanding resources, achieving comprehensive strategic cooperation, enhancing their ability to run the school, and accelerating the progress of building afirst-class university.

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