China's First Military-Civilian Integration of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Summit Forum Held

From April 14th to the 15th,the first domestic military-civilian integration of the artificial intelligence industry development summit forum was held in the Qingdao West Coast New District. More than 300 representatives and scholars, who are from universities,enterprises and research institutes in the fields of military and civilian integration and artificial intelligence attended the forum.With the theme of "Innovation, Guidance, Opening, and Integration",in-depth discussions, exchanges and cooperation focusing on areas such as smart manufacturing, smart cities, and smart ships were launched.

This forum aims to deepen military-civilian integration and artificial intelligence strategies, promoting the two-waytransformation of military-civilian technology, building shared resources for military and civilian innovation, establishing the first-mover advantage,contributing to the construction of an innovative country and a powerful world of science and technology. The forum was jointly hosted by the Qingdao West Coast Economic New Area Administrative Committee and HEU. It was organized and jointly sponsored by the Qingdao City Guzhenkou Military and Civil Integration Innovation Demonstration Zone Management Committee, Harbin Engineering University Qingdao Shipbuilding Technology Co., Ltd., Harbin Engineering University Alumni Association, and Harbin Engineering University Qingdao Alumni Association. The Military and Civil Integration Professional Committee of the Qingdao Scientific Research and Scientific Research Management Association worked as a co-organizer.

This forum was divided into two parts: the keynote speech and the project road show. In the keynote speech, a total of 13 experts shared the cutting-edge technologies and development prospects in the field of artificial intelligence. In the road show of the project, around 17 companies and institutions in the world, including smart cities, smart equipment, digital engineering, smart homes, and intelligent control, shared the results of more than 30 kinds of high-tech applications, such as Smart Home 2.0, by the Wolfee Mobile Assistant. HM databases and book product launches were also conducted in the road show session. The guests also visited the Qingdao Guzhenkou Military and Civil Integration Innovation Demonstration Zone and Harbin Engineering University Qingdao Shipbuilding Technology Park, and they heard reports on the construction situation.

In this forum, after preliminary statements, the Qingdao Shipbuilding Science and Technology Park of HEU signed strategic collaborative agreements and admission agreements with six companies. Among them, the Science Park and Zhonglu Luen Technology Co., Ltd., Huzhou Mingshuo Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Weihui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. reached a  consensus on smart sanitation operations, smart environment big data centers, smart street lamps and other projects. They signed strategic collaborative agreements, jointly promoting the construction of smart cities. Meanwhile, the science park signed admission agreements with the three companies, including Meilia (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Taihe Zhisheng (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Juzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. Their agreements respectively aim at the tools platform, VR virtual reality + AI artificial intelligence technology in the test equipment treasure application, ETO large-scale complex equipment integration, an intelligent management and control platform of  technology research and development and application and technology research and industrial land to expand blue high-tech industry development.

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