The Modelling and Emulation in E-Government National Engineering Laboratory of HEU Released the World’s First Blockchain Robot

The world's first blockchain robot has solved the widely concerned problem of coordinating "information islands" in the era of digitalization. During April 22nd to 24th, the world's first blockchain robot, as a new member of the robot family, was released in the 1st Digital China Summit in Fuzhou, contributing Chinese equipment of international quality to the construction of Digital China. The robot, with independent intellectual properties, was jointly developed by the Modelling and Emulation in E-Government National Engineering Laboratory of HEU and the ValueLink Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen.

After decades of development of informatization, business systems in the industry have formed a comparatively independent running system, but there are several obstacles in its development. These include the methods of realizing mutual trust and recognition among several coordinating parties, the security of interactive data, and the high efficiency and coordination of business. Based on years of research, the Modelling and Emulation in E-Government National Engineering Laboratory, as the leader in this field, uses advanced scientific modelling and emulation technology to take all the objectives, processes and businesses in the ecology of Digital China to top-level design and thus builds a comprehensive panoramic ecological model of Digital China. The Laboratory continues in their designing and developing of the blockchain robot, blockchain data harbor, blockchain service cloud and other key technology equipment, providing a whole-process, whole-internet and whole-business blockchain ecology service. Recently, some services and equipment have served public management and supply-side areas. On the basis of security and trust, the internet of everything and high-efficiency coordination of multi-party integration have been achieved, providing a key technical support for the construction of Digital China. The Laboratory has accomplished several representative cases.

One problem once faced by the Chi Lake Industry Park, Zhangpu County, Fujian Province, was the difficulty of accessing, identifying, and operating information. In February 2018, the Chi Lake Industry Park introduced the world’s first blockchain robot and after the tryout, the robot effectively solved the problem of regulatory failure, realizing the perfect coordination among power service enterprises, production enterprises, and the park supervision organization.

The exhibition in the Digital China Summit is an outcome of using an ecological, win-win cooperative industry-education-research-practice-integration model by the Modelling and Emulation in E-Government National Engineering Laboratory of HEU. The Laboratory was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and thus founded. Over more than ten years, the Laboratory has focused on theoretical research, technological innovation, ecological construction and product research and development in the field of national e-government. The Laboratory has also researched new theories and methods of informatization top-level design, big data governance, self-organized blockchain, and information engineering risk management. The research and development of core technology and equipment of e-government have been conducted to improve the general level of national wisdom supervision and coordinative management. The Laboratory has so far undertaken informatization engineering programs from 14 national ministries and committees. These include the China Food and Drug Administration, the Supreme People's Procuratorate of the PRC, the Supreme People's Court of the PRC, the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, General Administration of Customs, the National Audit Office, and several inter-departmental information sharing and business coordinative service system construction programs of local governments, such as Heilongjiang Province, Shanghai, Meizhou and other cities. These programs have made significant achievements in enhancing the comprehensive effectiveness of e-government and reducing the risk of information engineering construction.

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