YIN Jingwei won the May 4th Youth Medal of Heilongjiang Province

The results of the 20th session of the May 4th Youth Medal of Heilongjiang Province was announced on April 13. HEU College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering Professor YIN Jingwei was awarded the medal.


The May 4th Youth Medal is the highest honor to outstanding youths of Heilongjiang Province jointly given by the Heilongjiang Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Heilongjiang Youth Federation. Among all applicants from organizations of the Communist Youth League and the youth league all over Heilongjiang, 10 groups, including the first detachment of the Forest Fire Brigade of Da Hinggan Mountains, along with 20 individuals, including the 703 research institute of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) head of Steam power department, researcher YU Jianfeng won the medals.


According to the report, the award winners include leaders of professional disciplines, young scholars engaged in theoretical research, leading talents in youth innovation, young expert doctors with excellent medical skill and high medical ethics, young criminal police who have fought on the front lines of public security, young technical workers, and outstanding young entrepreneurs who had the courage to bear social responsibility. They are the outstanding representatives of youths in the new era. Their meritorious deeds and striving highlight the excellent quality and the pursuits of youths in Heilongjiang.


Professor YIN Jingwei, member of the Communist Party of China, HEU's College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering Dean, supervisor of Ph.D, is the Director of Key Laboratory of marine information acquisition and safety, and the leading official of the first research teaching innovation team of the Ministry of Industry and Information. He was honored as the 2017 annual young scholars of the Yangtze River, Outstanding Youth of Heilongjiang Province, and won the Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation. Professor YIN hosted more than 20 projects, including key projects of National Natural Science Foundation, national defense basic research, National Marine public welfare special projects, and research for the Navy. He was once awarded the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation nomination award, the first prize for the marine engineering science and technology award, the second prize for Heilongjiang science and technology award, Heilongjiang Youth Science and Technology Award, and the pace-setter in the new Long March of Heilongjiang Province. Professor YIN has published one monograph, more than 100 theses, and has more than 20 patents. He has made excellent contributions in fields of national defense research like underwater acoustics and polar acoustics.

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