Deep Sea Underwater Information Technology Research Institute won the "National Worker Pioneer"

Recently, the results of the national May Day Prize, "Longjiang Craftsmen"Prize and "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" practice which celebrate female employees of the province have been announced successively. The team from the Deep Sea Underwater Information Technology Research Institute led by professor SUN Dajun was awarded the honorary title of National Worker Pioneer. They were one of 33 teams that have won this honor in various industries across the province, of which only two teams in the university system have been selected. Professors MA Xiuzhen was honored as Longjiang Craftsmen and Professor SHI Dongyan was awarded the honorary title of Provincial Women's Innovative Entrepreneurs.

The May Day Prize, "Longjiang Craftsmen" Prize and "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation"were awarded by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and the Heilongjiang Provincial Federation of Trade Unions to givegroups and individuals in all walks the lofty political honor. The winners play an important role as the working class' main force, making outstanding contributions to realizing the great Chinese dream and revitalizing the economy of Longjiang. The winners have excellent moral character and professional ethics, excellent, rigorous and meticulous skills. They still have many outstanding qualities including the pursuit of perfection and exceptional professionalism, overcoming difficulties and innovation. The groups and individuals areexcellent representatives of the labor model, labor spirit, and craftsmanship which are vigorously promoted in province's educational front. The winners keep up with the times, innovating bravely, advocating science, pursuing progress, making meritorious deeds during the 13th Five-Year Plan and actively participate in the practice of "double-creation".

The party committee of HEU called on the faculty to follow the example of these excellent winners, sticking to the correct political direction, thoroughly understanding the spirit of the model workers including,dedication, focus, meticulousness, and pursuit of excellence. Additionally, the faculty should actively practice this concept of labor model and craftsmanship including, independent and practical,serene, exquisite and delicate, concentrated and persistent. Thus, the faculty is focused on the position, dedicated to devotion, and should advocate innovation and the pursuit of excellence to contribute to the school's double first-class construction and the establishment of a high-level research university.

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