“Take advantage of scientific and technological innovation to promote military-civilian integration Do a good job of nurturing and strengthening the development of the 'new brand' article”

On May 3rd, the deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee and the acting governor WANG Wentao came to HEU for investigation. He stressed that to promote the full revitalization of Heilongjiang, we must do a good job of industrial rejuvenation. We must accelerate the old growth drivers with new ones by doing a good job of accelerating the development of the "new brand" article, implementing innovation-driven development strategies, and relying on scientific and technological innovation and human resources to promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. Colleges and universities should give full play to the advantages of scientific and technological innovation to promote the in-depth development of military-civilian integration, and convert military-oriented enterprises to civilian production to cultivate new industries and new products to serve the local economic development.

WANG Dongguang,member of the Party committee of the provincial government, REN Qifengdeputy secretary general of the provincial government and director of the General Office, XU Feng,director of the Research Office of the provincial government, SHEN Lin, deputy secretary of the Labor Committee of the provincial Party committee; GU Huanmin, Board Chairman of HEU, YAO Yu, President of HEU, Xia Guihua, Deputy Party Secretary of HEU, and HAN Duanfeng, Vice President of HEU participated in the investigation.

Mr.WANG Wentao visited the water acoustic technology laboratory and nuclear safety and simulation technology laboratory to see the scientific research, teaching, and personnel training. Board Chairman GU, President YAO, Deputy Party Secretary XIA, and Vice President HAN gave presentations separately on scientific research, military-civilian integration, personnel training, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mr.WANG Wentao emphasized that innovation requires talents' support. Heilongjiang has a good industrial foundation and scientific research institutes in universities. The focus of scientific and technological achievements transformation is on universities and research institutes. With this good foundation, the roots of scientific and technological achievements can be transformed. However, whether the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements can flourish or not depends not only on the strong support of the government, but also on the connection between scientific and technological achievement holders and the capital market. We should accelerate growth through the market-oriented mechanism, and form competitive products and realize greater benefits.

Mr. WANG Wentao and his team also visited the Harbin Military Industry University Museum and the "International Entrepreneurship Hub"Universal Innovators Tank. He exchanged ideas with the innovation and entrepreneurship teams of students engaged in product research and development.He watched the presentation of the Robotics Club, and affirmed the efforts of HEU for offering guidance and investment for students. He emphasized that universities must firmly grasp the fundamental task of cultivating socialist builders and successors, adhere to the correct political direction for running schools, build a high-quality teacher team, and form a high-level talent training system. College students are the nation’s future and hope. "No struggle, no youth" we hope that students can through their own efforts to innovate in entrepreneurship and achieve the value of youth without regret.

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