135 Domestic and Foreign Youth Scholars Gather in the 3rd Xinghai Forum

On May 12th, the opening ceremony of the 3rd Xinghai Forum of Domestic and Foreign Youth Scholars was held in the academic report hall of Qihang Activity Center. 136 domestic and foreign young elites from 27 countries gathered here at HEU. The forum conducted a decisive and massive action in introducing high-quality professionals to build a specialized team of academics and to improve research conditions in order to attract more elites. It also set a stage for young scholars to communicate about cutting edge international science, hot research fields, and industrial techniques. President YAO Yu attended the forum, and the opening ceremony was hosted by YAN Rujian, Assistant to the President.

President YAO Yu delivered an opening speech. He pointed out that HEU is unswervingly promoting the priority strategy of strengthening the school by talent and putting emphasis on building a featured academic talent team in the Shipbuilding Industry, Marine Equipment, Ocean Exploration and Nuclear Application, so as to achieve the strategic objectives of building a high-level research university and constructing first-class disciplines in the world. HEU has exerted itself in the struggle for building a batch of strategic scientists and leading talent who stand in the high end of industry, are academic trendsetters, and possess the capacity of strategic suggestion, cultivating a group of academic leaders and elites who can coordinate with the strengths of industry and can carry out major innovations, making a number of excellent innovative teams which aim at the cutting edge of academic research and break key technologies of industry, and educating a wealth of reserve youth talent who boast great academic potential and can support future development. YAO Yu hoped that youth scholars can further deepen their understanding of HEU through the forum and enhance exchange with related discipline teams and faculty members of HEU. He also warmly welcomed domestic and foreign far-sighted elites to positively participate in HEU's development and construction.

Related people in charge of administrations of HEU introduced the status quo of scientific research and personnel policies.

The invited youth scholars are leading elites and outstanding candidates for doctoral degrees from renowned universities at home and abroad. Their professions include shipbuilding and marine engineering, nuclear science and technology, acoustics, engineering mechanics, robotics, information and communication engineering, materials science and engineering. They asked questions and exchanged their opinions on school-run characteristics, advantaged disciplines, construction and development of the Qingdao Campus, mode of international cooperation, research funding, and intellectual property. Youth scholars joined in 10 sub-forums where they discussed cutting edge developments of the professional fields, research hotspots, and industrial techniques.

In recent years, to attract high-level talent, HEU has conducted cooperation with domestic and foreign internet media, such as Nature, Science, China Education Online (, The Thousand Talents Plan (, China Science Human Resources (, and China Talents of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees ( Directional presentations have been performed in domestic and foreign high-level universities by HEU. The school has been using different channels and methods to strengthen publicity of talent introduction and to promote related work. Holding the Xinghai Forum is a major measure of comprehensively implementing overall reform, accelerating moving ahead with the "5531"Plan, giving impetus to discipline exchange and academic innovation. In May 2016, the 1st Xinghai Forum drew the attention of all sectors of society. The 3rd Forum, enjoying a bigger scale and influence, received over 300 application forms from domestic and foreign youth scholars. The Forum also attracted widespread attention of, Guangming Daily, and all levels of media.

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