Students from Confucius Institute of HEU Win First and Second Place in Ukrainian Contest District in the 17th Chinese Bridge Competition

On the morning of May 11st, the final of the Ukrainian Contest District in the 17th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students was opened in the hall of Ukraine Southern Normal University. The competition was organized by the Confucius Institute of HEU and sponsored by China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd. Linglong, a contestant from the Confucius Institute of HEU, won the championship and will represent the Ukrainian contestants to take part in the finale of Chinese Bridge in China. QIN Huahuo won second place and will also come to China to watch the finale representing Ukrainian contestants. Meanwhile, the Confucius Institute of HEU won first prize in the group competition.

QI Baijing, President of Ukraine Southern Normal University, along with those in charge of the Education Office of the PRC Embassy in the Ukraine and the PRC Consulate-general in Odessa, not to mention several representatives of the Council of Odessa attended this competition. In his speech, WANG Dajun, First Secretary of the Culture and Education Office of the PRC Embassy in the Ukraine, noted that the Chinese Bridge symbolized a bridge of friendship connecting China and the Ukraine. In recent years, the economic and cultural exchange between the two countries has become increasingly close. WANG hoped that every contestant and Ukrainian college student who is learning Chinese can make more contribution for the development of China and the Ukraine.

15 contestants from different places in the Ukraine participated in the competition. They performed an amazing, exciting and witty contest. The contest contained four rounds, which were keynote speech, knowledge contest, talent show, and impromptu Q&A. In these four rounds, contestants exerted their profound Chinese skills and ignited waves of applause at the scene.

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