The first international symposium on Marine hydrodynamic simulation was held at school

From the 21st to 25th  of June the  first international symposium on Marine fluid dynamics simulation (IWMHM2018) was held in the Bohai building of our school. Young and middle-aged shipboard hydrodynamics scholars and more than 40 PhDs and masters from more than 10 universities and research institutes in 7 countries, including Norway, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, Iran and Singapore, attended the meeting.

The theme of the conference was "ocean waves”, which invited leading researchers of international wave simulation.  The originators of the open source code gathered for the first time to focus on the challenges facing the development and application of ships and Marine equipment.

The sea hydrodynamic simulation of ships was first focused on in a whole hour of speeches. The speaker's speech covered the evolution of theoretical, numerical and experimental simulation studies, their respective specialties, and the latest application results.

The experts and scholars at the meeting generally reported that through the five days of in-depth exchanges, they systematically acquired new knowledge and discovered specific scientific problems that are still challenging in relevant academic directions. This opened up new ways of international cooperation in relevant specialized areas of the ocean, and gradually formed a consensus through in-depth discussions.  This led to forming an international cooperation team to jointly innovate, solve basic scientific problems that are encountered in the common battlefield of ocean development and protection.

This meeting was proposed by the director of the International Joint Research Center of Ship and Marine Engineering at the National Institute of Engineering, and a professor from Yangtze university, the University of the Yangtze, the professor of the school of the university, a professor of the study of the young people, professor shao yanlin, professor massoud, and the young man of the youth group, professor chao.

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