The sixth National "TRIZ" Cup College Student Innovative Methods Competition was held in HEU

From May 12th to 13th, the sixth national TRIZ Cup college student innovation method competition was held in HEU. Two HEU works Multiple Performance Search and Rescue Boats based on TRIZ Theory, and Water Quality Monitoring UAV System, along with Jilin University's work Method for Measuring the Reference Point of Rail Vehicles based on TRIZ Theory  and six other entries won Special Awards. Nanjing Agricultural University's entry "Spray bottle improvement --- spray water backward"was among six other entries to win the first prize in the Life Creative Category.


The theme of this competition is "Innovation Leads the Future, Entrepreneurship Makes the dream come true". It was jointly sponsored by the National Research Institute of Innovation Methods, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, and the Provincial Intellectual Property Office. The Productivity Promotion Center, the Provincial Alliance for the Promotion and Application of Innovative Methods, and the Provincial Technical Innovation Research Institute and HEU jointly organized the competition. The purpose of the competition was to thoroughly implement the national work of "Mass entrepreneurship and innovation" and enhance the comprehensive ability of college students for innovation and entrepreneurship. Since its official launch in February 2018, the Organizing Committee has received a total of 95 universities and 1400 works from 23 provinces and cities across the country, applying for 430 patents. This competition was divided into six categories: invention production, process improvement, innovative design, life creativity, entrepreneurship, and promotion and application of the teacher group. After the initial evaluation of 37 well-known experts in the fields of machinery, electrical engineering, agriculture, forestry, materials, and finance, a total of 409 reached the final, a total of 35 teams won the first prize, 99 teams won the second prize, and 275 teams won the third prize.


TRIZ is a complete set of theory and method of invention problem solution proposed by the former Soviet inventor Genrich S. Altshuller. It contains 40 inventive principles, the ultimate ideal solution (IFR), Contradictory matrix, evolutionary rule, object-field analysis, function analysis, knowledge base/effect storehouse, resource, separation principle, and other sets of tools. After more than half a century of development, the TRIZ theory has become a mature set of nine classical theoretical systems to solve practical problems in the development of new products.

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