Heilongjiang Provincial Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Research Group investigated the talent team construction of HEU

According to the "2018 work key point arrangement"of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Heilongjiang Province, the task of promoting talent team stability in Heilongjiang Province has become the key work content this year. The CPPCC has decided to carry out the investigation with talent team construction  in colleges and universities as the breakthrough point. On May 17th, a group of 5 members from the third research group of the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of the CPPCC came to HEU for an investigation. HEU Party Committee Secretary GU Huanmin, Party Committee Deputy Secretary YANG Ye and HEU President Assistant YAN Rujian talked to the research group.


Party Committee Secretary GU pointed out that HEU's party committee attached great importance to the construction of teacher faculty and made solid progress on the 5531 plan. In recent years, HEU has not only achieved breakthroughs in the aspects like academicians, Changjiang scholars, National outstanding youth, one thousand talent list, etc., but also has made remarkable achievements in attracting and cultivating young talents. At present, the contradictions of the talent structure have been gradually alleviated, and the overall quality and level of the talent team have been significantly improved. Gu spoke of his hope that the research group can provide guidance and suggestions for HEU faculty construction, and help HEU solve the weak links and bottleneck problems in this area.


Leader of the third research group, Heilongjiang Provincial Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Member, Vice secretary of the party committee and Harbin University of Science and Technology LI Dayong, spoke on behalf of the research group. He pointed out that the research is aimed to examine the aspects of formulating rules and regulations and implementation effects to strengthen the talent team construction. The research is also aimed to know new trends and characteristics faced by the talent team construction work and to examine the measures, effects, experiences and difficulties taken in accelerating the recruitment, education and retention of talents, as well as the opinions and suggestions from universities and teachers on promoting the stability of the talents in Heilongjiang province, especially in colleges and universities, etc. He hopes the research will provide other universities with experience in building a talent team for reference, and also provide reliable data and reference for the stable work of the talent team in the whole province.

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