Our school was elected vice chairman of the ninth Council of China Nuclear Society.

In May 26th, the Ninth National Congress of the Chinese Nuclear Society and the first meeting of the ninth Council were held in Beijing. The leaders of the Ministry of ecology and environment, the State Energy Bureau, the national defense science and Technology Bureau and the China nuclear group were invited to attend the meeting. The General Assembly elected the ninth Council of the Chinese nuclear society, the executive director of the Council and the leading body of the Council. Our school is elected as the deputy director of the ninth Council, which is the deputy director of the second national level first society after the vice president of the China Shipbuilding Engineering Society. It is a symbol of the recognition by the domestic industry. Professor Zhang Zhijian was elected vice chairman and Professor Xia Hong was elected director.


Wang Shoujun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of the Party group of the China Nuclear Industry Group Co., was elected chairman of the ninth Council and delivered a speech. He said that the new era and the new journey put forward higher demands on the development of the nuclear society. The ninth Council has a long way to go and grasps the work of China's nuclear society at present and in the coming period. It will focus on serving scientific and technical workers, strengthening communication to promote innovation and development, creating popular science cooperation brands, and undertaking government functions. 6 aspects such as shifting and enhancing international influence and discourse power, strengthening Party building and deepening reform.


More than 200 members from China's nuclear society from all over the country attended the meeting.


The Chinese nuclear society was established in 1980. The first director of the two bombs and one star Merit Medal, Wang Ganchang, is the first director of the Council. It is a national, academic and nonprofit social group with legal personality. It is the bridge link between the party and the government and the nuclear science and technology workers. It is the importance of the development of China's nuclear science and technology. Social power. The purpose of the China Nuclear Society is to unite the broad masses of nuclear scientists and technicians and other scientific and technological workers, promote the prosperity and development of nuclear science and technology, promote the popularization and popularization of nuclear science and technology, promote the growth and improvement of scientific and technological talents, and serve the construction of socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization.

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