Five Talents of HEU Selected in the First Selection as "Longjiang Science and Technology Talents"

Recently, the provincial party committee and provincial government announced the results of the first selection of Longjiang Science and Technology Talents. Professor LI Ping, Chairman of the Harbin Shipbuilding Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. and researcher of the technical team of the Harbin Ship Power Technology Co., Ltd. were selected as Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Talents. ZHAO Yuxin, Professor of the College of Automation was selected as a Science and Technology Innovation Talents. LI Yingsong, Professor of the College of Information and Communication, and WANG Zhongyi, Associate Professor of the College of Power were selected as the Young Talents as well.

The talents who were commended this time are outstanding scientific and technological talents who have devoted themselves to scientific research. They also are brave in innovation and entrepreneurship in all fields of the industry in our province. All of them have made significant contributions to the economic and social development of our province. In recognition of talents'outstanding achievements, the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy and the talent-strengthening strategy have intensified, effectively strengthening the construction of high-level scientific and technological personnel, motivating innovation and entrepreneurship of scientific and technological talents. This has revitalized the transformation of the province’s economic and social development, leading to our province having carried out the "Longjiang Science and Technology Talents"special support program. This program focuses on supporting 4 kinds of talents, including talents for science and technology, talents for scientific and technological innovation, young top talents and leaders of innovative teams in key areas.

The selection will be conducted once every two years. This time, 23 scientific and technological entrepreneurial talents, 20 scientific and technological innovation talents, 10 young talents, and 5 key personnel in charge of innovative teams in key areas are honored as "Longjiang Science and Technology Talents"Each of them is awarded with the "Longjiang Science and Technology Talents"title and 500,000 yuan. 

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