HEU cooperated with Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute to co-research high-power, high-speed diesel engines

On June 15th, HEU and Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute held the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement to co-research high-power, high-speed diesel engines. HEU President YAO Yu and Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute director DONG Jianfu attended the signing ceremony. HEU Vice President HAN Duanfeng and Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute Deputy Chief Engineer HUANG Li signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties respectively.


HEU President YAO first expressed his gratitude to Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute for their assistance and support of HEU for a long time. He briefly introduced HEU's characteristics of “Shipbuilding Industry, Marine Equipment, Ocean Exploration and Nuclear Application” and the construction of the four discipline groups.


He said that according to the orientation and role of colleges and universities in the ship power industry chain, HEU is implementing a strategic transformation. By taking the diesel engine profession as a main focus, HEU will give full play to the multidisciplinary advantages and concentrate on basic theory and applied research, as well as the key part of technical research. HEU will also utilize the Marine Power Innovation Leading Intelligence Base and the advancing provincial and ministry-level cooperation platforms such as Navy Power Technology Collaborative Innovation Center to provide technical and personnel support for high-power high-speed diesel engine autonomous development. HEU and Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute have established a deep and long-lasting cooperation relationship on the basis of several decades of cooperation. HEU hopes that the high-power high-speed diesel engine development cooperation will be an opportunity for both sides to work together to push cooperation to a new height.


Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute director DONG pointed out that the cooperation agreement for the development of high-speed machines opens a new chapter in the cooperation between the two parties. As the most powerful university and research institute in the field of marine diesel engines, and in response to the national strategy for becoming a marine power country, to achieve the independent innovation and development of China's ship power are the two sides unshirkable responsibility. He thanked HEU for its tremendous contribution to the development and talent team construction of the research institute for decades and hoped to participate in the construction of HEU's ship power technology synergy innovation center. The research institute will jointly demonstrate the development plan of marine diesel engine technology and establish a long-term cooperation mechanism.


Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine is the only high-power medium and high-speed diesel engine research and development institute in China with strong technical force and R&D testing conditions reaching the international advanced level. The research institute has independently developed multi-type marine diesel engines and heat engines, which have made outstanding contributions for China's economy and national defense construction achievements.


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