HEU Was Awarded the Honorary Title of “Advanced Collective in Psychological Health Education for College Students”

The 13th National Academic Symposium of Psychological Health Education and Consultation for College Students was held in Jilin University from the 20th to the 22nd of June. The symposium honored the advanced collectives and outstanding contributions on Psychological Health Education for College Students of personnel from 2015 to 2018. Amongst those praised the Students Development Guidance Center of HEU was one of the advanced collectives.


During the symposium several events, such as keynote speeches, parallel sessions, experience sharing and exchanges and investigations to psychological education institutions, were organized and launched. Nearly a thousand experts in psychological health education and directors of psychological health education from universities and colleges gathered to discuss and exchange ideas on the psychological health education with Chinese characteristics during this new era for college students. Staff from Students Development Guidance Center of HEU joined the symposium.


After years of practice and exploration, three working systems for psychological health education have been formed in HEU. The first of these is an education system aiming at setting up the consciousness of health and popularizing the knowledge of psychology, looking to the needs of all the students by integrating the classroom and extracurricular activities. The second is a psychological crisis assistance system established for the purpose of discovering and solving problems as early as possible. Lastly, there has been put in place a psychological crisis intervention system for the purpose of blocking and controlling crises and thus avoiding secondary accidents.  


The month-long education activities this past Autumn Semester (25th of September, Homophone of Do Love Myself) and Spring Semester (25th of May, Homophone of I Love Myself) were important steps which carried the means of publicity for psychological health in HEU. During these campaigns, rich and colorful events, such as Psychological Quality Development, a lecture by a professional psychologist and the Psychology Drama Competition, were carried out. They elaborately designed the group guidance and assistance scheme of “Life Grading” to enable students to strengthen their experience in the process of life by simulation of a series of reality scenes of life. This event became the key project during the education month, winning high, widespread reputation, and was reported and popularized by several media, such as the website of the National Students Assistance Center of the Ministry of Education, China Education Daily, Peoples Network, Heilongjiang Morning Post and Modern Evening News.  

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