HEU Wins 15 Provincial Level Teaching Achievement Prizes of Higher Education

The 2017 Teaching Achievement Prizes of Higher Education of Heilongjiang Province were announced recently. Applicants from HEU won 1 super prize, 5 first prizes, and 9 second prizes. The project entitled ''Based on the National Excellent Open Course, To Explore the Education Method of Industry-Specialized Innovative Talent'' chaired by Professor CHENG Jianhua from the College of Automation won the super prize.

The first prize projects included ''To Construct the Autonomous Open Teaching System of Physics, Lay Solid Foundation for Education of Innovation-type Top-notch Talents'' chaired by Professor ZHAO Yancheng from the College of Science, ''Construction of Practice Teaching Network Platform for Ideological and Politics Theory in Universities and Colleges'' chaired by Professor CHEN Kun from the College of Marxism, ''Probe into the Theory and Practice for Construction of Model National College Students Quality Education Base in Science and Engineering Universities'' chaired by Professor DONG Yuyan in the Undergraduate School, ''Adhering to Fine Tradition of 'Hajungong', To Educate First-class Engineering Talents in the Fields of Shipping Industry, Marine Engineering and Ocean Exploration'' chaired by Professor SU Yumin of the College of Shipbuilding Engineering, and ''Exploration and Practice of  Talent Education Mode for the Specialty of Nuclear Based on Double-winning Mode of 'Order + Cooperation' between University and Enterprise '' chaired by Professor XIA Hong of the College of Nuclear Science and Technology. HEU has recommended the super prize and first prize projects to apply for the  national level teaching achievement prizes.

The appraising and election organized by the Department of Education in Heilongjiang Province aims to encourage universities and people who have gained outstanding achievements in teaching practice, reform and research on higher education, to play a leading and stimulating role in improving the teaching quality of higher education. All together there were 150 award winning projects in the whole province in 2017, including 6 super prizes, 44 first prizes and 100 second prizes.

The Department of Education of Heilongjiang Province expects the winning universities and people would value their honor and make persistent efforts, continue to consolidate and improve the achievements, further research higher education teaching, and strictly and diligently achieve more outstanding results in teaching reform, research and practice. All the universities should strengthen their efforts in teaching research and reform, thus cultivating and refining more and better high-level teaching achievements with demonstrational effects and promotional value, promoting the new improvement of teaching quality and level of higher education in Heilongjiang Province, making greater contributions in developing higher education which would help satisfy the needs of the local people.     


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