Professor Sun Jun was selected as the leader of young and middle-aged science and technology innovators in the Ministry of Science and Technology

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the list of candidates for the 2017 Innovation Talent Promotion Plan, and Sun Jun, a professor from HEU's School of Water Sound, was selected as the leading talent of young and middle-aged science and technology innovators.


In this selection, 30 innovation talent training demonstration bases (10 institutions of higher learning), 323 young and middle-aged scientific and technological innovation leading talents, 54 innovation teams in key areas and 212 scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship talents have been produced. The list was announced from July 9, 2018 to July 13, 2018.

The university attaches great importance to the construction of leading talents. It has opened wide channels and actively recommended to the ministry of science and technology.


Sun Dajun , PhD supervisor, the Yangtze river scholar, selected national pacesetter project, outstanding young talents in national defense science and technology,Heilongjiang scholars distinguished professor, gained many honors including, "Outstanding Contribution to the Young and Middle-aged Expert" title of honor, China Oceanographic Engineering Consulting Association "Top Ten Pacesetter" “Outstanding Contribution” award winner,the winner of the 54th Youth Medal in Heilongjiang. Sun Dajun has served as the chief scientist in the  field of the science and technology commission of the military commission, the expert group of naval preparatory research, the director of China Acoustics Society, and the director of the Heilongjiang Acoustics Society. Professor Sun Jun has been engaged in underwater acoustic positioning and navigationtarget detection, underwater acoustic signal processing and sonar system environment for a long time. In the area of underwater acoustic detection technology, underwater acoustic mapping technology, and underwater acoustic navigation technology, the team has been able to develop a series of key technologies and equipment for mature applications.  The host of deep-sea high-precision hydroacoustic mapping technology has been selected to be in the top ten technology in China's universities in 2017.  The deep-sea high-precision ultra-short baseline positioning system has been equipped with China's most advanced scientific research ship "ocean 1", "science 1", "exploration 1" and "xiangyang hong09". This provides positioning and navigation services for underwater platforms such as the jiaolong deep-sea manned submersible" and "ocean warrior” manned submersibles and other underwater platforms which provide positioning and navigation services. Leading the national 863 program, research and development of the national key project, key project of the national natural science fund, the national major projects, national defense science and technology innovation, equipment, key technology research for development projects, the ministry of science and technology special 30 items which include even a scientific research project for Russia's cooperation; Sun has been awarded the national technological invention award, Marine engineering science and technology award and national defense science and technology progress award for many times. Sun has published ,more than 120 papers, of which more than 90 have been retrieved by the three, and more than 30 have been authorized patents.

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