LUO Wen, Member of The Party Group And Vice Minister of The Ministry of Industry And Information Technology And other Leaders Investigated HEU

On August 14th, LUO Wen, a member of the party group and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other leaders visited HEU for an investigation. LI Mingchun, Deputy Secretary General of Heilongjiang Provincial Government, CHENG Jianjun, Secretary of the Provincial Communications Administration, Party Secretary, DU Yi, Deputy Director of the Provincial Industry and Information Committee, GU Huanmin, Secretary of the Party Committee of HEU, XIA Guihua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and ZHANG Zhijian, Vice President of HEU accompanied the leaders on the investigation.

The research team walked into the Harbin Military Memorial Hall to learn about the history of the school. Leaders visited the National Defense Science and Technology Key Laboratory of Underwater Robotics, the Key Laboratory of National Defense Science and Technology of Underwater Acoustic Technology, and the National Defense Key Discipline Laboratory of Nuclear Safety and Simulation Technology, all the while listening to the reports about the important achievements of HEU in the fields of underwater robotics, underwater acoustic technology, and nuclear simulation technology, as well as future research ideas.

During the visit, LUO Wen fully affirmed the scientific research results obtained by HEU in the field of ''three seas and one nuclear''(shipbuilding industry, marine equipment, marine development and nuclear energy application fields )and the contribution made to the national defense. LUO had meetings with relevant directors about the application prospects of technology, technical difficulties, bottlenecks encountered and other interesting issues. He expressed his hope that the school can inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of Harbin military industry, taking the needs of the country as its own responsibility, giving full play to the characteristics of running school and scientific research, playing a more important role in the industry, and make greater contributions to the construction of two powerful countries.

The  relevant directors form the Party and Government Office, the Research Institute, the College of Shipbuilding Engineering,College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering and College of Nuclear Science participated in the investigation.


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