2018 National Cryptography Math Challenge Finale Hosted by HEU

On August 8th, the  TOPSEC Cup 2018 (3rd) National Cryptography Math Challenge Finale hosted by HEU. “PKU-NSS Team” from Peking University won the grand prize the competition’s finals, and “Eclipse Team” and “XZS Team” from the Information Engineering University won the first prizes of the finals. HEU Vice President GAO Wanxin, Math Teaching Advisory Board of the Ministry of Education Director and Information Technology Science Academic Divisions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician ZHENG Zhiming, TOPSEC Harbin Branch General Manager HAN Chao and other guests attended the ceremony.


Initiator of National Cryptography Math Challenge, Director and Academician ZHENG said at the award ceremony that today, with the rapid development of information technology, cyberspace security and information security everyone is facing major challenges, and innovations in advanced theories and methods are urgently needed. At the same time, it is imperative to vigorously support the training of cyberspace security and information security talents. On behalf of the TOPSEC Company, General Manager HAN said that mathematics is an important foundation for network security and informationization. The development level of mathematical theory and methods of cybersecurity and informatization determines the level of national cybersecurity and informatization.

State Key Laboratory of Information Security of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor ZHAI Qibin gave a keynote speech at the meeting entitled, Talking about the Causes of the Information Revolution in the United States - Passwords from the Black Room to the Folks. In the speech talked about uncovering the mysterious world of cryptography and how cryptography has moved from the dark room to the folks, and to call for everyone to establish a sense of security and establish an overall national security concept.


TOPSEC Education Vice President LI Yuezhong focused on the division of network security-related jobs in enterprises as well as the ability and quality requirements of personnel in various jobs from the perspective of enterprises in the lecture entitled Exploration and Practice of Network Security Talent Cultivation. The speech's aim was to help college students take the first step in their future career.


The Math Teaching Advisory Board of the Ministry of Education Secretary General Professor LIU Tiegang summed up the current event and put forward new expectations for the 2019 competition season. He expressed his hope that through the joint efforts of everyone, the National Cryptography Math Challenge will be a high-level, high-standard, high-quality brand event.


Academician ZHENG and the HEU Party Committee of the College of Nuclear Science and Technology Secretary Professor SHEN Jihong and other guests presented the awards to the winners as awarding guests.


The competition was jointly guided by the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, the Central network office for network security coordination and the Department of Human Education of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The competition was also jointly sponsored by the Math Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education and Beijing TOPSEC Network Security Technology Co., Ltd., hosted by HEU and co-organized by the Higher Education Press. The competition attracted more than 130 teams from more than 50 colleges and universities from the country's six major competition regions nearly 400 people signed up for the competition, and 28 teams were in the finals.

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