HUANG Yulong Wins the 11th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award

The ceremony of the 11th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on August 24th. SUN Chunlan, Vice Premier of the State Council and Member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Among a total of 100 students, HUANG Yulong, a Ph.D student of the College of Automation, enrolled into HEU in 2014 was awarded the “China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award”. HUANG Yulong and his teacher’s representative attended the award ceremony.

In her speech, SUN Chunlan pointed out that science and technology is the important power of the country, and all the advanced modernized countries in the world are in leading positions in science, technology, and innovation. The youth are the future of the country and the hope of the development of science. President XI Jinping places great expectations on the youth that they will throw themselves into  science and technology innovation. He emphasizes that by proposing “to make the work on science and technology attractive, respected and yearned for by the young generation, the wings of science and technology will be added to the dreams of the youth”. SUN expressed the hope that the youth can integrate their personal ideal into the great cause of nation and state, inherit the fine tradition of their predecessors by serving the country with science and technology knowledge, persist in the scientific spirit of seeking truth and achieving new heights, keep the mentality of striving practically and master the scientific research method, to make new discoveries, new inventions and new technology living up to the new era, so as to carry the flag of revitalizing the national science and technology cause and construct the great power in science and technology. SUN Chunlan emphasized that society as a whole should create a good environment, provide more opportunities, and create a larger platform for the science and technology innovation of the youth.  To that end, society should deepen the activities to popularize scientific knowledge, construct the platform of the innovation, improve the educational mechanism, help more children to get set up, and insist on the realization of their dreams in science. 

The China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award was jointly founded by the Central Committee of the China Communist Youth League, the China Youth Federation, the All-China Students Association and the China Young Pioneers National Working Commission, and a trust set up by the relatives of DENG Xiaoping. His unfulfilled wish was to reward the youth who gain outstanding achievement or demonstrate great potential in science and technology innovation, and so his family set up this contribution of funds.  As the top honor in the field of the science and technology innovation for the youth in China, the award ceremony has been held 11 times, and about 1100 college students, middle school students have been awarded. 

HEU has paid high attention to the education of the innovation ability for students in recent years. The Electronic Vision Robot Innovation Team and Innovation Wing Team won the Xiaoping Science and Technology Innovation Team in 2014 (the 1st Session) and 2016 (the 2nd Session), respectively. The Electronic Vision Team won 1st place in the Robosub International Underwater Robot Competition this year, becoming the first team to win the championship outside North America, breaking through the 20+ year monopolization by first class universities such as MIT, Cornell University and Florida University. 

HUANG Yulong, a Ph.D. Student, enrolled into the College of Automation in 2014. In the past years, he has won the 11th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award, the Special Award and the first Prize of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship of Ministry and Industry and Information Technology, the Nominee Award of the 12th Person of Year of China College Students, 4 National Scholarships for Postgraduate Students, the Best Paper Scholarship of China Classification Society, Honorary Title of Triple-A Student of Heilongjiang Province, the CASC Scholarship, the Champion of Academic Star Competition in HEU, and the Innovation Model of HEU. During his time as a postgraduate student, 44 of his papers were published or accepted with him as the first author or correspondent author, including 27 papers for SCI (10 papers by the top journals of his discipline, 18 papers in the First Quarter of SCI), 6 papers in the top domestic journal on Control <Journal of Automation> , 4 papers in the Class A international conferences. 2 of his invention patents have been authorized. His relevant research fruits have been applied in the autonomous positioning and attitude measurement in the navigation equipment of China Navy, being cited over 400 times by Google.


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