Youth: the Key for the Prospect of Chinese-African Relation

On September 3rd and 4th, the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation 2018 Beijing Summit was held in Beijing. Leaders of China, heads from 53 African states and governments, leaders of delegations, and the Chairman of the African Union Commission attended the summit. Entrusted by the Embassy of Ghana in China, Alex and Linshu, HEU doctoral candidates with Chinese Government Scholarships, went to Beijing and were appointed to accompany reporters for the President of Ghana during the Forum.

Alex and Linshu, while accompanying reporters in several meetings of Chinese and African leaders, witnessed this grand summit and also had a close contact with heads of Chinese and African countries.

After coming back to HEU, Alex stated that he gained much through the trip in Beijing. He and Linshu attended the meeting between President XI Jinping and Nana Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana and the meeting between Premier LI Keqiang and Akufo-Addo. In the meetings, President XI Jinping emphasized the traditional friendship between China and Ghana; Premier LI Keqiang expressed his hope to achieve win-win cooperation by enhancing the China-Ghana commercial cooperation; and President Akufo-Addo also added his hope that a bilateral investment protection agreement could be signed with China soon to promote the development of the relation between the two countries.

The educational exchange between China and Africa provided Alex and his sister the opportunity of studying in China eight years ago. Now they are pursuing their doctoral degrees. They both felt deeply honored to accompany the reporters in the Forum to directly contribute to the China-Africa exchange. "Many undergraduate classmates of mine have worked in Chinese enterprises after they go back to Ghana. Many fellow citizens are now studying in China, and I have many friends working in Chinese companies in Ghana. Their life has greatly changed thanks to the cooperation and exchange between China and Ghana and are bound to the China-Africa community's shared future,"said Alex. "President Akufo-Addo once mentioned that he hoped Ghana can strain to develop and become a confident and strong nation like China." Alex personally experienced the friendliness and attention China expressed and gave to African countries. China’s economy once encountered difficulties, but in the 40 years since the implementation of reform and opening-up, China has not only lifted itself from poverty, but has played an increasingly important role in the world. Ghana, like many other African countries, wants to be a commercial partner of China and also expects to learn from China’s successful experience in politics, economy, and other aspects.

President XI Jinping proposed, "The youth are the key for the prospect of the China-Africa relation", and this deeply encourages Alex and Linshu. They expressed that they will continue to work hard to pass this belief into their future study and life.

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