Harbin Engineering University joined the University of the Arctic (UArctic)

Lisa Holbek, president of the UArctic Council, announced that Harbin Engineering University was accepted as a member of the University of the Arctic (UArctic) at the 21st UArctic Council, in Oulu, Finland, September 3, 2018. 

A total of 21 institutions and organizations were approved to join the UArcitic, including Harbin Institute of Technology, Scott University Polar Institute and HEU. Xue Yanzhuo, academic director of the Polar Science Center of HEU and vice president of the College of Shipbuilding Engineering, and associate professor Gao Tianming, academic director of the Russian-Ukrainian Research Center of HEU, represent HEU as a member of UArctic.

The Arctic strategy is significant. In January this year, the PRC State Council Information Office published a white paper entitled “China's Arctic Policy”, the first white paper published by the Chinese government on the Arctic policy. It comprehensively introduced China's policy goals and basic principles on the Arctic, and China's policies and positions in participating in Arctic affairs. It clearly pointed out that China supports and encourages research activities in the Arctic by constantly increasing investment in scientific research, building modernized research platforms, and improving the capacity in, and level of, research in the Arctic. It actively promotes international cooperation on Arctic research, pushes for an open and inclusive international monitoring network of the Arctic environment, supports pragmatic cooperation through platforms such as the International Arctic Science Committee, encourages Chinese scientists to carry out international academic exchanges and cooperation in the Arctic, and encourages Chinese higher learning and research institutions to join the network of the University of the Arctic. 

 Therefore, HEU actively applied to join the UArctic after nearly half a year of preparation, in order to promote the development of HEU’s polar science and equipment technology, actively participate in international academic exchanges and cooperation in related fields, and improve the international popularity and influence of HEU.

Founded in June 2001, the UArctic is a cooperative network of universities, research institutes and other organizations from Arctic circumpolar countries. It consists of full members of the eight Arctic countries and associate members of non-Arctic countries or regions. Currently there are 203 member units.

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