HEU signed a contract to join the "Aviation Industry Guizhou Aircraft Association"

On September 6th, Vice President Gao Xingxin led a delegation of 6 people to visit the Aviation Industry Guizhou Aircraft Co., Ltd., and signed a contract to join Aviation Industry Guizhou Aircraft Association with the development goal of military and civilian integration aviation industry cluster.

Wang Wenfei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Guizhou Aircraft Company, met with the delegation and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Gao Xiaoxin on behalf of both parties. Chief Designer and Deputy General Manager of Guizhou Aircraft Company Hu Jianxing, Deputy General Manager, Zhang Liang and Zhao Duanqiu, Chief Engineer Miao Yong, General Representative of the Air Force in the Heilongjiang region Yang Liang, and other directors and teachers from the College of Automation, Research Institute and Institute of Inertial Navigation attended the ceremony.

"Aviation Industry Guizhou Aircraft Association" consists of 19 leading companies in the fields of carbon fiber composite materials, ceramic composite materials, aerospace rubber parts production, aviation training and aircraft maintenance, etc. The Association takes building a domestic first-class trainer base and world-class man-machine base as its strategic guide .According to the agreement, the two parties will rely on their respective advantages in aviation and naval architecture &marine engineering to jointly carry out the following scientific research in aviation avionics, flight control, navigation, waterborne drones, ship and unmanned aerial vehicle technology. Besides, the parties will still focus on personnel training, achievements in aviation avionics and incubation work.

Gao Xixin and his delegation also visited Tianma Electromechanical Co., Ltd., aerospace science and technology group in Zunyi, Guizhou, and CSIC Huayu Electric Group Co., Ltd. in Chongqing.

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