HEU students won 5 gold medals in the Provincial “Internet Plus” Innovation and Enterpreneurship Competition for University Students

On August 28, 2018, the final of Provincial "Internet Plus Innovation and Enterprenuership Competition drew to an end at Harbin Institute of Technology. The theme of this years competition was "standing firmly at the front edge of technology, painting a bright future with courage and innovation. HEU students won 5 gold medals and 3 first prizes, not to mention HEU won the award of excellent organizer. The number of awards was ranked number 1 among all universities in Heilongjiang Province for three consecutive years.


The project "Domestic CAE Software Supporting Platform" from the College of Computer Science and Technology, project "Marine Intelligent 'Terminal'"and project "High Precision Acoustic Ice Measuring Instrument" from the College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering, project "Ding Niu Tutoring" from the College of Shipbuilding Engineering, and project "SuperBlock: AI + Robots Education" from the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering won gold medals. Project "Indoor High Precision Positioning and Navigation Simulation Platform" from the College of Computer Science and Technology, project "Course Explorer" from the School of Economics and Management, and project "Intelligent System for Water Quality Testing Station" from the College of Automation won first prizes. Among them the "SuperBlock: AI + Robots Education" was designed by one of HEU's first Makers, 2009 Alumnus YU Xinlong. The project was led by the principle of taking programming teaching as the core, intelligent building as the auxiliary, and aimed at cultivating childrens innovative ability and logical thinking ability for programming.  This ranked number 1 in HEU and number 2 in Heilongjiang Province. All projects that won the gold medals will attend the national final held in October.


It is known that this year's competition started in April, and 64 universities attended the competition, which was 79% of all universities in Heilongjiang Province. 15,379 projects attended the competition, which covered multiple fields, including Internet + Modern Agriculture, Internet + Manufacturing, Internet + IT Service, Internet + Culture and Innovation Service, Internet + Social Service, and Internet + Public Welfare. After layers of selection, 373 projects entered the final. Through the two day long final Roadshow, 13 projects won gold medals, 45 projects won first prizes, 145 projects won second prizes, and 183 project won third prizes.

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