The Relevant Content of HEU's Cooperation with Russia Included in the Sub-committee Minutes of the China-Russia Prime Ministers Regular Industrial Cooperation Committee

On September 21st, The Third Meeting of Sub-committee of China-Russia Prime Ministers Regular Industrial Cooperation Committee was held in Kunming, China. The meeting conducted in-depth friendly consultations on exchanges and cooperation in the fields of civil aviation, raw materials, equipment and radio electronics between China and Russia, and reached many consensuses on cooperation. Lots of contents of our school's cooperation with Russia were included in the minutes of the subcommittee meeting.

The Chairman of the Sub-Committee of Chinese side, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei, and Chairman of the Sub-Committee of the Russian site, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Manturov co-chaired the meeting. WANG Jiangping, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, attended the meeting. Miao and Manturov signed the minutes of the sub-committee meeting.

After careful preparations by the Sub-committee's Equipment Working Group, China and Russia jointly promoted the cooperation between our school and the Russian Krylov National Science Center. Besides, it also promoted the cooperation of HEU with other universities, including St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg Ocean University of Technology, Peter the Great Polytechnic University, The Northern (Arctic) Federal University and the Far Eastern Federal University. HEU and the universities have carried out comprehensive scientific cooperation on technology development, personnel training in the field of ship and marine engineering technology, establishing international think tanks, international production, research and research innovation bases, etc. All the contents have been included in the minutes of the meeting.

In the past year, HEU has continuously deepened its cooperation with Russia and has carried out fruitful exchanges and cooperation with many Russian universities and scientific research institutions in the fields of ship and ocean engineering, polar equipment technology, information and communication technology, nuclear science and technology, and new materials. The leaders of HEU visited Russia and Ukraine nearly 10 times. The exchanges between experts and teachers averaged more than 100 person-times. HEU also established the Russian Ukrainian Research Center and the Ukrainian Cultural Science and Technology Information Center .HEU succesively hosted the Polar Equipment and Technology Innovation Forum and organized the International conference on cooperation in industry, education and research of the ministry of education, both of which are specially designed for the cooperation with Russia, Uzbekistan and Belarus. In addition, HEU sent 3 teams to participate in the Polar Scientific Research Activity and joined the “Arctic University Alliance” cooperation network, which laid the foundation for accelerating the “double first-class” construction. The foundation of good international cooperation has played a good supporting and promoting role for the national “One Belt One Road” education initiative and the construction of the Sino-Russian “Ice Silk Road”. 

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