Oceanic Culture Education Alliance Is Established

On the morning of September 18th, by the will of Harbin Engineering University, and co-launched by several ocean-focused universities, research institutes, museums, and educational bases, the establishment ceremony for the Oceanic Culture Education Alliance, the first academic alliance aimed at the oceanic culture education, and the New-era Oceanic Culture Education Development Seminar, were held in the Teachers' Salon at Qihang Activity Center.

LEI Bo, CPC Secretary of the South China Sea Branch in the State Oceanic Administration and Deputy Chairman of the Chinese Society of Oceanography, YAO Yu, President of HEU, ZHANG Liqun, Deputy Director of the Propaganda and Education Center in the State Oceanic Administration, and LI Wenjun, Secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection in China Ocean News, attended the ceremony. Over 50 representatives from the 19 members of the Alliance joined the ceremony including, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Ocean University of China, Guangdong Ocean University, and the China (Ocean) South Sea Museum, joined the ceremony. Their aim was to help build the maritime power and co-establish the oceanic culture community.

In the opening ceremony, YAO Yu introduced the general situation of HEU's historic evolution, cultural inheritance, schooling characteristics and talent education, as well as the great contributions in building China into the maritime power. He stated that, the establishment of the Oceanic Culture Education Alliance provides the bridge and links resources of mutual development of oceanic culture undertakings for the ocean-related units and institutions all over China. With the care and support of the Ministry of Natural Resources, HEU will spare no effort in being committed to and rooting for the work of the Alliance, aiding in resource-gathering, strong leading and extensive radiant help in improving the level of oceanic culture power, helping in building the maritime power, and promoting reform, innovation and development of oceanic culture education.  

As the Vice Chairman of the Alliance, QU Jinliang, Director of the Oceanic Culture Institute of the Ocean University of China, expressed his gratitude to the member units, scholars, and experts for their assistance and support in establishing the Alliance. He stated that, following the principles of being voluntary, equal, cooperative and mutually beneficial, the Alliance will enhance the in-depth cooperation and resource-sharing among the member units, jointly discussing and planning the development of oceanic undertakings and culture.

The list of nominees for the organizational structure of the Alliance was approved during the meeting, and "The Declaration of Oceanic Culture Education Alliance" was read out.

The New-era Oceanic Culture Education Development Seminar was held on the same afternoon, mainly focusing on how to innovatively develop the oceanic culture education and to discuss the recent tendency of new-era oceanic culture education development. The experts present at the meeting positively offer advice and suggestions, and negotiate the working plan of the Alliance.

The establishment of the Oceanic Culture Education Alliance is committed to providing the exchange platform and connection link for the development of oceanic culture education, promoting in-depth cooperation and resource-sharing among the member units. The secretariat of the Alliance is from HEU, and is responsible for the routine matters and coordination for the member units. Through many efforts, such as: working on academic discussions of oceanic culture, popularizing oceanic consciousness and science, researching and studying the ocean and theme exhibitions, deeply integrating oceanic culture and oceanic sci-tech, mutually promoting oceanic culture and oceanic industry, the Alliance will aggregate the synergistic effect at various directions of oceanic culture construction, build cultural consensus for construction of maritime power, roundly promote the development of a win-win cooperation of oceanic culture undertakings, gradually construct the national oceanic culture community, so as to contribute to the building China into a maritime power. 

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