The College of Material Science and Chemical Engineering Enters the World TOP200

In July 2018, the data released by Clarivate Analytics showed that the material science discipline of our school ranked first in the world's top 200 in the world's top 1% of ESI (Essential Science Indicators). Specifically, the material science discipline has ranked 181 among 80,000 universities and research institutions with materials science in the world.

The material science discipline of our school entered the top 1% of ESI for the first time in March 2013. At that time, it ranked 639th in the world. Under the strong support of the school and the joint efforts of the teachers and students of the College of Material Science and Chemical Engineering, after five years, the material discipline ESI ranking has developed by leaps and bounds.

In the past five years, the College of Material Science and Chemical Engineering, has been based on the international frontier. They have aimed at the major needs of the country, closely integrating the characteristics of the school's "three seas and one nuclear" (shipbuilding industry, naval equipment, marine development, nuclear energy applications), and has positioned itself to develop the characteristic discipline development path of "ship, marine and nuclear industry material". The College of Material Science and Chemical Engineering condensed its research direction on the lightweight materials for ships and marine engineering, surface protection materials for ships and marine engineering, special functional polymers and composite materials for ships and marine engineering, nuclear engineering materials and nano-functional materials. With the input and support of the College, a number of high-level scientific research platforms have been built to provide strong support for the development of the discipline. In addition, four provincial and ministerial research platforms have been established, including The Key Laboratory of The Ministry of Education for ultralight materials and surface technology, Key Laboratory of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for Marine special material, Advanced Marine Material--Heilongjiang Province Collaborative Innovation Center, and Marine Advanced Materials and Preparation Technology-- Heilongjiang Provincial Key Laboratory. The College has increased its investment in improving the laboratory equipment and research facilities, so the research environment has been further optimized. At the same time, the College has made great progress in the introduction of talents and international exchanges.

The relevant directors said that under the background of the national industrial development strategies of new materials and new energy, the College will make unremitting efforts to make new steps in the ESI ranking of the material science discipline, focusing on the goal of the "double first-class" of the Fourth Party Congress.            

ESI is a database of measurement and analysis based on more than 10 million document records of more than 12,000 academic journals collected by Thomson Reuters. ESI has become a worldwide evaluation of universities, academic institutions, and international academic institutions. It is one of the most important evaluation indicators for level and impact.

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