HEU joined the Open Simulation Platform International Joint Industrial Project

The other day HEU joined the Open Simulation Platform (OSP) International Joint Industrial Project (JIP) as a partner. The HEU party committee deputy secretary XIA Guihua, and Det Norske Veritas (D.N.V), which represented the four sponsors of the project, signed the cooperation agreement in Shanghai.


In the field of shipbuilding and marine engineering, with the increasing use of digital sensors and NFC in equipment, it has become an inevitable trend of development to create digital twins in the field of shipbuilding with common simulation models and standards while integrating and optimizing all digital information in shipbuilding and marine equipment. Simulation technology is widely used in all phases of the current shipbuilding and marine life cycle. However, due to the high cost and repeated cross-use of various simulation models, many limitations are imposed, and the potential of simulation is urgently needed for development. Based on standards developed by the automotive industry, the project aims to establish similar standards in the maritime industry, design reusable simulation models and perform multi-party system-level simulations.


At the beginning of this year, JIP was jointly launched by the D.N.V, the Rolls-Royce shipping company, SINTEF Research Institute and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The goal is to develop an open simulation platform technology centered on digital twin technology to guide the broad participation of the global maritime industry, providing a solution that covers the design, review, integration, commissioning, and operation of complex information physical fusion systems. JIP also can achieve digital reproduction of real ship or marine equipment including various systems and all relevant information. JIP will establish maritime industry standards for digital models and system simulations, so that the digital R&D models for existing and future assets can be reused in a safer, and cost-effective way, developed by all parties in the R&D industry. The results of JIP will include the basic commonality of multi-party collaboration sharing simulation models, and an open industry platform for building products, systems, and digital twin models for ships or marine equipment.


HEU party committee deputy secretary XIA said that the digital twin technology of ships and ocean engineering will become the basis of intelligent ships and intelligent marine structures, and will lead to new forms of shipbuilding, navigation and operation and maintenance. HEU has been committed to research in this new field and is willing to work closely with international counterparts to create a better future.


JIP has attracted 18 global partners including ship designers, equipment system manufacturers, shipyards, shipowners, ship operators, classification societies, research institutes and universities.

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