Construction Projects of 2 MOE Engineering Research Centers in HEU Were Accepted

Entrusted by the Department of Science and Technology in the Ministry of Education, HEU organized the acceptance meeting of construction projects for the Navigator Instrument Engineering Research Center of MOE and Ship Control Engineering Research Center of MOE on September 27th. The acceptance panel, led by WANG Zicai, academician of CAE and professor from the School of Astronautics of Harbin Institute of Technology, came for the acceptance. GAO Wanxin, Vice President of HEU, was present at the meeting. 

During the meeting, the relevant responsible persons made summary reports of the two research centers to the panel, including the basic situation, the intended plan of implementation of the construction, the organization and administration mode and the work performance, as well as the short and mid-term strategies and business objectives. After listening to the Summary Report on the Construction and Audit Report on the Financial Statement, reviewing the relevant documents, and on-site investigating the Research & Development and Pilot Test Base, the panelists highly affirmed and recognized the construction of the two centers, and agreed on the acceptance of the construction projects. On top of that, the panelists put forward valuable suggestions to the construction of the two centers, including strengthening the interdisciplinary and integrated studies with Photonics, Information Science and Ocean Science in the research of the Navigation Instrument Engineering Research Center, so as to develop the continuous competency in technology innovation and achievement transformation. In regards to the Ship Control Engineering Research Center, the panelists suggested enhancing cooperation with relevant industries and enterprises, and making contributions to the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China. 

The relevant persons in charge from the two centers and Development and Planning Office of HEU attended the meeting. 

The Engineering Research Center of MOE (ERC) is an important component in the science and technology innovation system of Chinese universities, and an important base and platform of colleges and universities for several reasons. These include: enhancing resource sharing, promoting discipline construction and development, organizing engineering technology research and development, accelerating the transformation of sci-tech achievement, educating and gathering high-level talents for innovation and management of science and technology, and carrying out cooperation and exchange in science and technology. The aims of ERC include that, under the guidance of the national medium and long-term development planning for science and technology, through integration with the overall planning of the disciplines in the university, by targeting at the international development tendency of high-tech technology and the development strategy for economic construction, social progression and national security, making engineering research and systematic integration of the sci-tech achievements with significant market values, and transferring them into the technological products necessary for the scale production with engineering commonality, key technology or market competitiveness. The Ministry of Education adopts the administration mechanism of regular assessment, dynamic management, selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior, and rolling development for the ERCs. 

There are 3 ERCs in HEU. They include the Navigation Instrument Engineering Research Center (approved to operate in 2006), the Ship Control Engineering Research Center (approved in 2007), and the Ship Power Technology Engineering Research Center (approved in 2009). The first two centers are under acceptance this time. During the implementation period, the Navigation Instrument Engineering Research Center, concentrating on the research and development, product innovation, technology radiation and achievement transformation in ship navigation technology, has established 5 R&D Bases for Inertial Navigation Devices, Inertial Navigation Systems, Modern Marine Surveying and Mapping Technology and Instruments. These bases have been constructed to be important bases for technology innovation and high-level talents education in the field of ship navigation. The Ship Control Engineering Research Technology has solved key technological problems in dynamic positioning of ships and unmanned undersea platforms, developed to be the first R&D and Production base for dynamic positioning of ship and full-spectrum unmanned underwater platforms. 

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