Our School Hosts the 3rd North Latitude 45° Innovation Forum

On October 12th, the 7th China Harbin International Scientific and Technological Achievements Exhibition and Trade Fair and the 3rd North Latitude 45° Innovation Forum were held in Harbin. XIA Mingjiu, member of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Ukrainian Ambassador to China, NIE Yunling, Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province, SUN Zhe, Deputy Secretary of Harbin Municipal Party Committee and Mayor delivered speeches respectively. YAO Yu, President of HEU, delivered a keynote speech with the theme of “Deepening Regional Innovation Cooperation and Building the “ Polar Silk Road”.


The 3rd North Latitude 45° Innovation Forum was jointly hosted by the Harbin Science and Technology Bureau and HEU. The School of Economics and Management organized the forum. More than 500 representatives from the field of science and technology from China, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, South Korea, Iran and other countries attended the meeting to provide intellectual support for enhancing regional technology and industrial cooperation and innovation capabilities, and promote the establishment of an open innovation cooperation mechanism along the north latitude 45°.


As the first guest speaker, YAO Yu explained in his speech the significance of the “Polar Silk Road” to the development of the world economy, and the advantages and characteristics of the docking of the “Polar Silk Road” between HEU and Heilongjiang. He said that it is necessary to firmly grasp the opportunity of revitalizing the old industrial base in the northeast, continuously deepen international scientific and technological cooperation with the link of the north latitude 45°, promote regional scientific and technological innovation, and seek common development and plans thereof.


Chairman of the International Economic Cooperation Organization,

AN Shi, Vice President of Harbin Institute of Technology, Vice President of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, LI Wenhua, President of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Vice-President of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and other representatives of the innovation subjects gave keynote speeches. The speakers introduced their respective innovative resources, discussing with the participants about the new model and new method of cooperation between technology and industrial innovation in the alpine zone. Meanwhile, they jointly explored new ideas and new paths for scientific and technological innovation to help the development of science and technology cooperation in the countries and regions along the north latitude 45°.


In the afternoon, the 3rd North Latitude 45° Innovation Forum - University and Urban Development Hotspot Conversation was held. The guests gave keynote speeches and talked about two topics. One is the north latitude 45° university science and technology cooperation and urban innovation, the other is university scientific and technological achievements transformation and innovation and entrepreneurship. XIA Guihua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of HEU, presided over the meeting.


Opening cooperation has promoted regional innovation, and the integration of production and education has promoted urban development. It is an important link for the university to gather innovative resources and bring together intellectual support, which is to build an urban innovation ecology and promote regional coordinated development. Deputy Governor of Novosibirsk, CHENG Wei ,Vice President of Harbin University of Commerce, First Vice President of the Ural Federal University, SUN Tao, Dean of ZHOU ENLAI School of Government, NANKAI University , LIU Jiangming, Deputy General Manager of HEU Science and Technology Park Development Co., Ltd., in total,7 speakers respectively introduced their innovations, their advantages of resources, and the foreign exchange and cooperation of science and technology in their universities. The participants actively contributed to the collaborative innovation and development of the countries along the “Belt and Road”. In the follow-up hotspot conversation, the participating scholars exchanged experience and shared results on the integration of university and city, and the win-win cooperation between the university and the government. Later, scholars interacted with the guests.


The transformation of achievements is the foundation of the development of science and technology, and innovation and entrepreneurship is the source of urban development. The university continues to provide scientific resources and intellectual support for the city. LI Qizhi, Deputy Director of the Harbin Science and Technology Bureau, President of Ural National University of Mining, LI Bin, President of Northeast Forestry University, LI Zhuopei, President of the Korea Accelerator Association, special professor of Changjiang River Scholar WANG Yonggui, Director of department of scientific research Administration, UIBE, Vice President of the National University of Novosibirsk, ZHANG Zhongkai, President of Harbin Dongsheng Metal Materials, and General Manager of Kashan IT Technology Park, in total, 8 guests shared the case of university science and technology achievements transformation policy,  jointly exploring the path of university scientific and technological achievements transformation methods, exchanging the vision of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship, offering suggestions for the integration of university and city.


“The university is thriving because of the city, and the city is flourishing because of the university. The university and the city complement each other and will co-exist and share common prosperity.” The parties reached a broad consensus and will use this forum as an opportunity to promote the exchange of information and academic communication between participating universities, strengthen technology R&D and industrialization cooperation, promote the establishment of an open innovation cooperation mechanism along the north latitude 45°; explore the exchange and cooperation model between the university and the government, get through the “last mile” of scientific and technological achievements, promote more university results into real productivity; intensify the construction of science and technology parks of universities, and finally, improve the innovative service system, creating a good innovation and entrepreneurship ecology.

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