Students of HEU Win Gold and Silver Prizes In the 4th China "Internet Plus" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

From October 13th to 15th, the 4th China Internet Plus College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition final was held at Xiamen University. Our school's marine intelligence “middle”end project, Aosong Programming Bar– Artificial Intelligence and Robot Maker Education Solution Project won the gold and silver prizes, and HEU won the title of advanced collective for the first time in the competition.

The competition was hosted by 11 national ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Education and the Communist Youth League Central Committee. It aims to deepen the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education, stimulate the creativity of college students, and cultivate the main force that creates mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The competition attracted 2.65 million college students and 640,000 teams from 2,278 colleges and universities across the country to participate. The number of projects and students participating is 1.7 times that of the previous competition, which achieved full coverage of regions, schools and student types. A large number of high-quality projects with high technology content, large market potential and good social benefits stand out in the competition. The theme of the competition is  Standing in the times courageously, breaking through and innovate bravely, take root in China to write life chapter In addition to the main events, another five activities were also held at the same time, including Years of Youth Red Dreams Exhibition, the Excellent Project Docking Tour, 40 outstanding entrepreneurs of reforming and opening up talk with college entrepreneurs, “College Student Show” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”. After a series of selection, a total of 382 teams and more than 8,000 college students entered the final.

Since the start of the competition in March this year, our school has attached great importance to it, actively organizing and meticulously preparing. In the competition in the Heilongjiang Province, our school won 5 gold medals and ranked first in the province. After the school-level preliminary competition, provincial and municipal re-match, national competition online review and conference review, finally two projects were short-listed in the national final.

The marine “middle”end project is an underwater communication technology and equipment, specially developed for human beings to efficiently research, utilize and protect the ocean. The Shenglida technology team provides underwater communication networking technology solutions based on underwater communication machines with full-duplex communication capability and networking capabilities. The application of this project can complement the underwater acoustic communication network and the fixed submarine optical cable communication network, carrying out the joint operation of the observation equipment in the region, realizing the multi-parameter and multi-station synchronous joint observation, and greatly enhance the observation capability of the “Ocean Perception Network”. Thus, it is called China Undersea Internet.

The Aosong Programming Bar Project is an artificial intelligence education service platform developed by Aosong Robot Technology Co., Ltd., which is dedicated to cultivating youth creativity. With the graphical programming cloud as the core, it integrates online education system, educational system, case library, material library, shopping mall and vertical community to solve the needs of users of different ages to the greatest extent. The platform integrates a variety of intelligent hardware development engines, which open up the data interaction function between software and hardware, combining online software programming with offline hardware. With the teaching idea of programming teaching as the core and intelligent building as the assistant, the children's creativity and logical thinking ability will be cultivated, and the combination of knowledge and action will be achieved.

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