HEU and the People's Liberation Army Navy Submarine Academy signed the Civil Military Integration Innovation Cooperation Agreement

On October 21st, HEU and the PLA Naval Submarine Academy held a signing ceremony for the civil military integration innovation cooperation agreement in the party and government conference room of HEU’s main building. HEU President YAO Yu and PLA Naval Submarine Academy President WANG Yu attended the ceremony and signed the agreement. The heads of HEU’s College of Science and Technology, College of Shipbuilding Engineering, College of Automation, College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering, College of Computer Science and Technology and other related departments attended the signing ceremony.


President YAO expressed his gratitude to the PLA Naval Submarine Academy for its support and the assistance they’ve given to HEU. He briefly introduced HEU characteristics of the Shipbuilding Industry, Marine Equipment, Ocean Exploration and Nuclear Application and the construction of four subject groups. He said that HEU maintains a strong technical reserve in the fields of marine unmanned systems, underwater acoustic technology, integrated navigation, etc. The PLA Naval Submarine Academy has advantages in combat demand traction and equipment development demonstration. He hoped that the civil military integration innovation cooperation agreement would provide an opportunity for further cooperation in scientific research and personnel training between the two sides.


PLA Naval Submarine Academy President WANG pointed out that the PLA Naval Submarine Academy has always been a leader domestically in the use of equipment operations, and has carried out pioneering research in the fields of submarine military command, life-saving etc. He also stated his expectation to work with HEU to face the national marine strategy and naval transformation construction, give full play to the advantages of both sides in talent training and scientific resources, and conduct forward-looking and practical research work in the fields of intelligent navigation, underwater acoustic target recognition, underwater unmanned intelligent control, and big data fusion. The two sides together will establish a joint laboratory of intelligent navigation and control to promote pragmatic cooperation in the fields of underwater navigation and intelligent control, and form a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship.


The PLA Naval Submarine Academy is a military higher education institution that trains submarine arms and rescue personnel. It is a teaching and training center, research and academic center, and decision-making consulting center in the field of naval submarines and rescue. In recent years, the Academy has made a series of innovative achievements by focusing on the new requirements of the development of the naval strategic transformation and the improvement of the actual combat capability of the troops.

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