HEU recieved the Good Achievements in the Third “Sunshine Sports and Culture Trip of International Students in China” National Finals.

On November 7th, the 3rd Sunshine Sports and Culture Trip of International Students in China  National Finals and award ceremony of the 2018 Series of Activities for Studying in China were held at Beijing University of Technology. After three days of fierce competition, the HEU team took Second in orienteering, Fourth in Literary and sports performance, and Fifth in total score, creating the best results since they entered the competition.


At the closing ceremony, more than 500 outstanding overseas students from all over the world participated in the event. Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education TIAN Xuejun attended the closing ceremony. In his speech, he said that the life experience of foreign students in China is an important part of their overseas experience. The series of activities such as Sports and Culture Trip of International Students are aimed at strengthening exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, deepening their understanding of Chinese culture and society, and displaying the Sunny appearance of healthy contemporary students. He hoped that foreign students would learn professional knowledge, understand Chinese culture, feel China's development, act as communication envoys and build friendship bridges.


The Sunshine Sports and Culture Trip of International Students in China is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and undertaken by the Federation of University Sports of China. It is a brand of cultural activities for overseas students in China. With sports events and sports talent performances as a link, it shows the healthy and positive image and youth of overseas students in China and also promotes their comprehensive understanding of China. Through the team work of Chinese and foreign students, the exchange and integration of Chinese and foreign students can be realized. In the finals, Huaqiao University, Shandong University and Jiangsu University won the championship, first runner-up and second runner-up.


HEU attaches great importance to this event. The coaching team composed of the College of National Defense Education, the Physical Education Department and the College of International Corporation Education select the players and arrange the training reasonably. The Cultural Experience Base of International Students – the Heilongjiang Province Longjiang Drama Art Center has assigned a special person to arrange and guide the sports art show Gu Yun Dang Feng. From May to June, the HEU team overcame all the difficulties, and finally entered the national finals with the second place in the Northeast Region. During the finals, the HEU team showed a good team spirit, competitive level and artistic attainments.


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