HEU Teacher's Works Ranked Among the Top 100 of 2018 "National Cyber Security Micro Lessons"

A few days ago, the National Cyber Security MicroLessons Collection came to an end. Two stories of online financial security warning comic series by SHAO Guanghui, a teacher of the College of Science, and “Campus cyber security is everyone's responsibility” by WANG Hui, a teacher of the College of Aerospace and Civil Engineering ranked among the top 100 in the country.

Two stories of cyber security warning comic series was produced by the U+ counselor studio. Using the cartoon form that young students love, SHAO Guanghui summarized a large number of real cases, respectively telling the hazard of fund-raising fraud and bad online loans to the college students group. The works are expected to popularize the knowledge of network security, guide young people to actively promote positive energy of the network, participate in the construction of network security, and constantly improve the awareness and skills of network security.


“Campus cyber security is everyone's responsibility” is a propaganda video about campus network security. From the perspective of cyber fraud gangs, the work shows the scams that are common in society, and tells about the unsafe networks around them using the form of college students' oral narration. This work is expected to improve the network security awareness of students and help them know the principle that network security is for the people, network security depends on the people.


The event was jointly organized by the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Network Information Office, and the Ministry of Education. Focused on the theme of network security is for the people and network security depends on the people, more than 6,000 pieces of micro lessons in various forms such as video, music, and comics were collected. The works collected were thus centered on network security regulations, enhancing network security awareness, and popularizing network security knowledge.

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